3 Ways for New Real Estate Agents to Gain Knowledge Quickly

Whether you’ve recently passed your real estate licensing exam or have been dabbling in real estate on and off for years, gaining knowledge – and gaining it quickly – can help catapult your real estate career to the next level. But, where do new real estate agents start?

From securing the advice and friendship of a mentor to finding a brokerage that offers the tools and resources you need for success, there are a number of ways that you can expand your knowledge quickly.

Here’s a few pointers that will get new real estate agents started:

Knowledge Sells Homes

Having knowledge of the real estate market on the local and national level provides agents with a competitive advantage when selling real estate. It’s important that you immerse yourself in the market immediately and actively try to acquire as much knowledge as possible.

The immediate resources and tools available to you after passing your real estate exam will likely be available through the brokerage you choose to partner with. As such, selection of a brokerage that offers valuable resources to their new real estate agents – such as continuing education, training classes, and mentorship – is directly correlated to how quickly you will assimilate. You may also want to seek out a mentor in your office who can help you navigate your first year in the business.

Where There’s a Network, There’s a Way

In addition to seeking out the guidance and counseling of a mentor, joining a professional reak estate organization is a great way to get your feet wet in the local community, as is becoming a member of your local MLS. By participating in these organizations, you’re not only getting your name out in the community, you’re growing your professional network and building your people skills at the same time.

Immerse Yourself in the Field

A great way to learn more about the profession you want to develop is to read as much about it as you can. Look for other real estate professionals’ blogs (locally and nationally), experts in the field of real estate, or even just your local newspaper’s real estate section. There are so many thought leaders in our industry that there is a plethora of available information both online and in print. Think about following a few blogs, twitter accounts, or major news networks. You’ll love being involved and knowledgeable in your market, and so will your clients!

Start your real estate profession on the right foot!

The best tip we can offer a new real estate agent is to be responsive to your clients and to look out for their needs. They don’t expect you to know everything, but they will appreciate the fact that you will take the extra steps needed to get their question answered or to help them navigate the market.

Let us know what tools you are using to become more knowledgeable in real estate. And, if you need any additional information about your real estate license exam prep, feel free to contact us directly.