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Connecticut real estate customers are saying...

Tutor honed my test-taking skills was the best $59 I've invested in my career.
Victoria Lazar / Middleton
This is an outstanding program! I am so happy I found you in the Internet! However the rote knowledge gained here helped me pass the Real Estate Test with 90 minutes to spare. I've told my mentor at my brokers office about this program and how impressed I was with the Real Estate Exam test prep tools. She is a pre-license trainer, I urged her to tell her students about this fantastic website! Thank you for being there!
Shanna McKee / Southbury
License Tutor really helped me to pass the Real Estate Test the first time. I went in there extremely confident and so sure of myself. I never doubted my knowledge after practicing on license tutor. Thank you!
Marianne Custer / East Hartford is the closest to the real thing that I have come in contact with. It's a sure winner. Thanks, I passed!
Lillie Williams / Stamford
Tutor helped me know how to remember certain answers I was having trouble with.
Kevin Malloy / Stamford
Practice tests and ability to retake missed Real Estate Test questions were great.
Julie Uygur / Greenwich
Thank you guys, I love your website and have recommended the Real Estate Exam test prep tools to tons of friends.
Jeff Manzie / Stamford
The License Tutor I believe was instrumental in preparing me & setting the mind set to take and pass the Connecticut Real Estate Exam. I have told NUMEROUS students about the License Tutor & strongly would recommend it to anyone preparing to take the exam!!!! Thank you.
Heidi Casertano / Southington
I believe without license tutor I would have not been able to pass the Real Exam Estate on the first try. There were no questions that I hadn't seen before on the exam, thanks to License Tutor. I would recommend License Tutor to anyone wanting to pass the exam on the first try!
Franklin Profit / Middletown
Having finished my pre-license class 6 months before my exam, I felt license tutor reviewed the information I needed. It also gave me the confidence and patience to take the Real Estate Test. I don't think I could have passed the 1st time without it!
Fran Badalucco / Lyme
By the practice final exams, I was so used to seeing the same questions that I'm sure that's why I scored higher. By rewording them somewhat, I think it would be an even more effective preparation. I am thrilled to have passed on the Connecticut Real Estate Test first try, though, and the time using License Tutor was a good investment.
Ellen Kelly / Farmington
Your program helped me know how to handle some specific state questions that I saw on the Real Estate Exam.
Elaine Acker / South Salem (NY)
License Tutor gave me confidence that I could pass the Connecticut Real Estate Exam the first time.
Cindy Torrence / Plainfield
I would definitely recommend this site to anyone. It worked.
Benjamin Podchaiski / New Britain