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Florida real estate customers are saying...

I wish I had found Tutor earlier

I just want to thank you! I took the Florida Real Estate Exam for the sixth time tonight and I finally passed. I wish I would of found out about this product sooner. It really gives you an insight on what answers they are really looking for.
Vivian Mercenit / West Palm Beach
It only took me 55 minutes to take and pass my test...

I absolutely believe that the reason it only took me 55 minutes to take and pass my test was because of License Exam Tutor.
Tina Sanders-Moormann / Panama City
I KNOW it's because of your program...

The Florida exam was ridiculously hard! I LOVED your program and went in SURE I'd have no problem after having made 98+ on all exams... however, upon reading the first question, I realized the content on the exam didn't quite match the content I'd studied. That is not YOUR fault! I felt YOUR content was very thorough and relevant. I just felt the Florida exam was full of tricky questions...worse than most exams I've taken in my life...and I have a Master's degree! So, all in all, I felt very lucky to have passed. I KNOW it's because of your program... but even THAT was barely enough! Thank you!

Tamara Nations / Bushnell
I thank License Exam Tutor.

It had been over a year that I had taken my class course. I was real rusty and had forgotten all of the material. I thank License Exam Tutor. With their help I passed the state exam on the first try. Thank you so much.
Suzette Suarez / Labelle
I passed my exam today!

License Exam Tutor: Just wanted to let you know I took my Real Estate Exam today (Jan, 31, 2006) and passed. Your website has been a great help to me and just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work....License Tutor Really Works!
Susan Thorne / Beverly Hills
Good practice, way harder than the actual test.
Scott Sadlon / Melbourne
The illuminations helped me study.

Having the illuminations available right after each question helped me study with out even realizing it. It clarified any doubts that I might of had.
Ruth Reyes Del Pino / Miami
No problem - I felt confident

I took the test 4 times before studying with other methods. English is not my first language it is not easy for me. But with your method. No problem. I felt confident and I pass. Thanks.
Rosa Valente / Miami Beach
The illuminations are great!! Really pay attention and learn from them.
Ron Marshall / Lakeland
Great program!

I've already taken and passed my state exam.  Thank you for all the help!!  Great program!!
Robyn Knaster / Boynton Beach
Exactly What I Needed

Was exactly what I needed in order to take the exam with confidence.
Rick Orange / Spring Hill
Significantly improved my knowledge base.
Regina Moo Young / West Palm Beach
I passed because of License Tutor

I took the exam a few times and (finally) passed as a result of the tutor exam process.
Raymond Hoyt / Orlando
Passed the first time! The instructor (in the live class) had such antiquated info that I would never have passed the Florida Real Estate Test without your help! Thank you!
Patricia King / Miramar Beach
License Tutor helped greatly

The class helped greatly, only took 1 hour and 15 min to take my Real Estate Test
Michael Smith / Live Oak
Thank you for a great tool!

I believe your website was a direct influence on my being able to pass the exam on my first attempt. I would recommend your site to every real estate student. I expect to be back for review on the Broker exam when I'm ready. Thank you for providing a great learning tool.
Maureen Mooney / St. Petersburg
Great Illuminations

Your illuminations in the "definition section" were great.
Marnie Green / Oviedo
I wish I knew about License Tutor before, anyway thank you!
Maria Levine / Port Saint Lucie
You have to let people know more about you. I only find you almost the last minute.
Maria Levine / Port Saint Lucie
I am so thankful for this program. It drove me crazy re-doing everyday, however I passed the first time and have referred this site to many people.
Maggie DeGennaro / Longwood
Thank you

I passed..... Thank you for your help.
Liz Self / Stuart
Thank you for helping me pass

I wish I had known about your site before I took my first test and failed. Thank you for helping me pass my second time trying. I will definitely recommend your site to others. Thank you! Thank You!
Lisa Lima / Fort Pierce
Illuminations are great

The illumination system is great. Helped me to remember at the time of taking my State exam. May God bless you.
Laura Yurkin / Deerfield Beach
Great investment of time and money.

License tutor was a great investment of time and money. I felt I was able to completely prepare without feeling completely compromised in other aspects of my life. Thanks!
Ladleah Dunn / Punta Gorda
I PASSED!!!!!! I PASSED !!!!!!!! 8/17/04 FIRST TRY!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Karen Lee Lattuca / Margate
No other system can beat you

No other system can beat you and for only $59.00 THIS IS A STEAL!!!!!
Julio Lopez-Caez / Tampa
I passed!!

I passed!! Thank you License Exam Tutor I had just about given up thought, I would never pass the state exam, I then discovered your program and it works! Thank you.
Joseph Heard / Lakeland
Thank you, for your help. I just took my state exam and pass on the first attempt.
Jose Monge / Aventura
The best $59 investment

Was the best $59 I've invested in my career.
Jorge Morales / Orlando
Your format was great

I passed -- first try.  Thank you.  Your format was great; the questions good preparation for the exam -- I finished it in 45 minutes, and passed! Thank you thank you thank you!
Joann Clark / Hollywood
Thank you for your service

I just wanted to thank you for your service. I wish I would have known about "License Exam Tutor" before. I was able to pass the exam thanks to your Real Estate Exam prep tools. They were very helpful. I will pass on your service to other people interested in taking the Real Estate exam for Florida.
Joan Montoto / Miami
I recommended your product to other students

I just wanted to let you know that I went this morning, took my exam, and passed it first attempt. During the length of my Real Estate Salesperson class, I recommended your product to three of the students sitting around me because it was such an effective Real Estate Exam test prep tool to study by. I paid $129 for a two day prep course, and got more out of the $59 I spent for your program. Kudos.
Jerry Landis / Bradenton
This really works!

This really works. I was a bit skeptical at first but - wow. This was my third time taking the Florida Real Estate Exam and I just needed more to study from than what the book had, and this was it. Thanks.
Hunter Peterson / Tampa
Thanks for your help

I purchased your course for the Florida Real Estate Exam for salespersons nine days ago. I took the test today and passed. Thanks for your help.
Harry Hunt / Port Richey
The exam tutor helped me...

Real Estate School gives you the right to take the state exam. The most it gives you otherwise is an overview of the Real Estate business. The Exam tutor helped me to become familiar with test material so that I was able to pass it the first time. There were times I got discouraged with the tutor but I continue to take at least one test per day for a full month. By the end of the month I had most answers memorized and those that I did not have memorized I had a good idea how to guess the answer.
Gloria Gibson / Maitland
Not sure I would have passed without License Tutor

I would like to thank you at this time. I'm not sure I would have passed without your course. I've told some people about your course. Once again, thank you.
George Hoffis / Hernando
Excellent - I passed thanks to your course.
Ellen Atanasoski / Ormond Beach
I know it was because of Tutor

I sat for my Real Estate Exam today and passed!! I know it was because of the on-line study I have done on your site for the last 11 days.
Debra Cochran / Orange City
I learned more from LicenseTutor.com than I learned in my real estate school. I passed my state exam the first time I took it. Thank You very much!!!
David Kerr / Panama City
I fulfilled a dream - I passed!!!

Thank-you so much!!! In September, while preparing for Hurricane Ivan to hit the Pensacola, Florida area where I live, I took my Real Estate Exam for the first time. Unfortunately, I did not pass. Probably distracted, do you think? As you know, Hurricane Ivan left tremendous devastation and clean-up has been difficult, but all the while I kept thinking about my real estate goals, anxious to achieve them and use them to help people left in need from the Hurricane. On December 14th I was finally ready to re-take the exam; I thought. But, again, I did not pass. I had missed passing both tests by only four points. So close, yet so far. So, in my frustration, I found your website and signed up. After taking the first practice exam, I knew that the next time I took the Florida Rea Estate Test I would be successful. Today, December 22, 2004, thanks to The License Exam Tutor, I fulfilled a dream - I passed!!! My only regret is that I did not find you two months ago. I will definitely recommend your program to other inspiring realtors.
Darlene McLain / Cantonment
I highly recommend you!

Just wanted you to know I passed my exam the FIRST time. Your process helped me feel confident and comfortable in the State Test situation. I highly recommend you!
Dannette Rosner / Bonita Springs

Excellent ! Not a question that I would not pass the State Test the first time. The pre-license course taken at the local community college was a joke ! The instructor was lost, they fired her only after the class was 80 % over. It turned into a self-study course. Looking for alternatives, I found licensetutor.com which is the only reason I found my self confident and prepared for the State Test. Many thanks !
Christopher M. Kron / Miami
It helped me get comfortable...

Excellent prep for the FL State Exam. It helped me get comfortable with the State's tricky and deceptive questioning. Thank you!
Christine Monek / St. Augustine
This was not my first time taking the State Exam, however, this program was all I needed to give me those extra points that I needed to score and meet the passing score requirement.
Casimir Caseneuve / North Lauderdale
Tutor helped me prepare!

Helped prepare me for the way the Florida Real Estate Test was given…helped me know how to handle some specific state questions that I saw on the exam.
Carlos Osuna / Lake Worth
A good service

It was a good service it helped me out but unfortunately I just felt short, but I have no doubt that I would recommend this to others.
Bryan Benites / Kissimmee
I passed!

I passed! Could not have done it without you!
Brad Elliott / Orlando
Questions and answers very helpful

I was able to retain information I learned from your practice exams much easier than from the state course I took. I'm not criticizing the school's course work, it's just that the exam questions and the explanations of the four multiple choice answers to each question were very helpful.
Bette Harrison / Arlington (TX)
I am glad I invested the money.

I wasn't certain that the money I invested in License Tutor was going to be worth it but I am happy to report I just took the State Exam and passed the first time. I finished within an hour and a half. Everyone scared me saying how tricky the questions on the state exam were and how they had to take it several times to pass. But honestly, when I saw the questions on the exam and saw how similar they were to License Tutor I was glad I invested the money. The math was easy and I hate math with a passion - not the complicated problems like anyone warned me about.
Bernadette Cervera / Miami
Passed on my first try

Between my other study materials and your on-line product, I was able to pass the Florida Real Estate Exam on my first try. I liked the layout of your website and the content. Also, I referred some of the students in my class to your program.
Barbara Schultz / Tampa
...I lacked the confidence to pass...

I was not even going to bother to take my state exam because I lacked the confidence to pass - License Exam Tutor totally geared me up to take the exam with complete confidence-I was able to perform most of the math calcs in my head - I used my calculator to verify the correct answer.
Angela Honts / Ocala
Tutor made all the difference

Albert Bricker / Pensacola