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Georgia real estate customers are saying...

I made a 90.8% the first time!

I was very pleased with the Tutor. I couldn't see how anyone could pass with a score in the 90's. I made a 90.8% (THE 1ST TIME!!!). After coming out of the class final with a 76%. License Tutor made the difference!
Yvonne Hammill / Adairsville
I would suggest this product to any and everyone...

I was very pleased with the product. I was prepared for the exam and was very excited in having passed the exam on the first attempt. I would suggest this product to any and everyone preparing to take their exam.
Yolanda Pierre / Lithonia
Very helpful.

It was very helpful with understanding concepts!
Trang-Anh Do / Duluth
I made a 92.1% on the exam!!! I felt extremely confident.

I began License Tutor only a week or so before my exam. I actually used it to TEST myself...which helped identify any weaknesses. I made a 92.1% on the Georgia Real Estate Exam Test!!! I felt extremely confident.
Tracy Westmoreland / Perry
Thanks License Tutor!

I feel that this was an effective way to help me know and understand the appropriate information. Seeing the same information being worded differently was what helped me prepare the most for the state exam. Thanks License Tutor.
Tiffany Byars / Sharpsburg
Great Job

Thomas Witcher / Covington
...I will recommend this to anyone wo wants to pass the real estate exam the first time...

I am very satisfied with license tutor. I will recommend this to anyone who wants to pass the real estate exam the first time. Totally Awesome!! Thanks a lot
Tamika Lucas / Fairburn
I made an 85 on the exam the first time...

I made a 85 on the exam the first time by cutting and pasting all of the practice exams with illuminations and reviewing them over and over again. I was able to see my strengths and weaknesses.
Tamika Lucas / Fairburn
This program helped build my confidence for the state exam...

This program helped build my confidence for the Georgia Real Estate exam. The state section was right on the money!
Susan Ponegalek / Warner Robins
Thanks for the help

Over all the License Exam study course was very helpful, I only missed the test by 4 question and I'm sure I will pass it the next time around. Thanks for the help.
Stephanie Robinson / Kingsland
I recommend it to anyone.

Before, I used this system I had been studying the AMP book & had taken the State test three times & made a 71.7 each time. My husband is the broker of our firm & told me about this site --- I recommend it to anyone -- I have told all of our agents in school now to do this site before the State test. My strongest part of the State test was the Math, each time I did not have very many math questions. This was my fourth time taking the State & I passed with an 78.3. I cried in the State office I was so happy!! The test is not easy and this is a great way to study. I just wish I had started a week before my test.
Shirlene Grady / Douglasville
I would like to thank you for this program.... I will inform as many people I can about this program to help them.
Sherry Lark / Savannah
License Tutor helped to prepare for the format and general info but the test was very subjective. It seemed like every question had 2 correct answers. I passed easily the first time but make sure you know the concepts.
Scott Shapiro / Canton
...License Tutor really made a difference!

The test was not as hard as made out to be! But I have to say License Tutor really made a difference, I knew once I had seen the questions on the test I was okay. Just focus on the definitions. Also make sure you know how many miles are in an acre!!! I only had three math questions. I scored a 75 on my exit exam, I scored an 84.2 on the State. Thanks License Tutor, I do not believe I would have done as well with out your help.
Sarah Wilcox / Savannah
Thanks heavens I bought this...

I would definitely recommend this program! I did not know some things that were asked in the Tutor. Thank heavens I bought this because some of those questions were on the State test.
Sarah Wilcox / Savannah
The License Exam Tutor worked!!! I passed my exam on the first attempt I have recommended the site to others. THANK YOU.
Ronald Morris / Powder Springs
I passed on the first try with an 88.2%

I felt that this was the most economical way for me to cram for this exam and it worked. Thank you - I passed on the first try with a score of 88.2
Ray Orgeron / Woodstock
A must have!

Exam tutor is a MUST HAVE for anybody going for real estate exams, especially it really prepared me well not only for the Math part, all other areas as well. Again, thank you exam tutor.
Prince Ejemole / Douglasville
Tutor is a great tool!

The License Exam Tutor is a great tool to help you pass the state exam. The tutor questions are very similar to the exam questions.
Ozzie Hayes / Conyers
You've got a great system!

Mike Taylor / Columbus
License Tutor was a great tool to prepare for the state test!

License Tutor was a great Real Estate Exam test prep tool to prepare for the state test. The review mode really helped me to better understand the concepts and math.
Michelle Major / Forsyth
License Tutor helped my testing skills

Helped with remembering the answers to the questions and helped with my testing skills.
Melissa Oakley / Richmond Hill
The illumination was great...!

The Illumination was great in that it triggered memory when actually taking the exam.
Marjorie Moore / Savannah
So glad I used License Tutor!!

I'm so glad I decided to utilize License Tutor. I am confident I would not have passed the test the first time without this help.
Marisha Roberts / Kennesaw
I passed!!!!

First I thank God then I thank License exam tutor....I Passed!!!!!!! I would recommend this course to anyone going to take the salesperson exam. My advice Read every question completely, be aware....You may think Oh I know the answer to this question it's just like one of the questions on the License exam tutor....But on the real exam they just might change a word or two and there is a different answer then you thought. Thank You so much for giving me the confidence I needed. You are GREAT!!!!!!!
Marianne Sakowski / Bogart
Great program!
Margaret Heublein / Roswell
Thanks - I passed the first time!

The Tutor was helpful in the number of questions offered, a lot of material was covered. I have two coworkers whom I will be referring to License Tutor that are in the process of becoming licensed too. Thanks for assisting in helping me pass the first time.
Marcia Cox / Easley (SC)
Thanks for the insight!

After taking the exam for the second time and failing I did not know what to do! I had read all my books from front to back and studied them really hard for months but it was just not enough!! After signing up for license tutor I received a completely different view of the questions and so I was able to retain more of the info. Thank you very much for the insight and I will definitely recommend this course to all that I know going to take the test. Thank you again!!
Lorraine Earns / St. Mary's
I was more prepared than I expected.

This program is a must. I was more prepared than I expected and will recommend this to anyone and everyone.
Lisa Thompson / Pine Mountain
I wish to thank you for making this program available to me!

I wish to thank you for making this program available to me. This was not the first time I took the Real Estate Exam. In fact, this was the fourth try. Thankfully, I visited your web site and it allowed me to pass. I would be recommending your program to others in my area. Thank you...
Lisa Mosley / Reidsville
...I couldn't have done it without you and your program!

Awesome and I am now a licensed real estate agent! Thank you! I couldn't''t have done it without you and your program!
Lisa Bartlett / Albany
Don't waste your time on other sample RE exams. This one is very similar to the state exam and easy to use.
Leslie Binion / Moreland
A great big THANK YOU!!!!

All I can say is a great big THANK YOU!!! I powered through the exam like an old pro and passed with an 85% score. I also received my license that day and went right to work. Wrote my first purchase agreement this evening and have a listing appointment tomorrow. I will refer you to anyone interested in obtaining their license. Thank you again.
Leslie Ann Renn / Perry
Great Software!
Kimberly Edwards / Stockbridge
Very easy to use

Loved it! Loved that it paced the program for you and was very easy to use. It made studying easy and do-able. Best use of $59 I ever spent!
Katherine Ellsworth / Waleska
Thanks for carrying a program that can really help students, the rest is really up to us.
Judy Hays / Hiawassee
I knew I would pass

What a great program. I knew I would pass the Georgia Exam when I saw the first few questions. Thanks and it was the best $59.00 I have invested in my new career.
John Fletcher / Marietta
Tutor was a great help

Thanks for the Tutor it was a great help. I have sent your site to all my class mates whom I know did not pass their first test.
John Fletcher / Marietta
The exams are great!

License Tutor helped me prepare for the state exam for sure. The practice exams are great! Thanks!
Jessica Jernigan / St. Simons Island
I loved your testing program!

I did pass the Broker's exam in Georgia. I loved your testing program and tested over and over again. So I think I had a good understanding of the concepts and material and passed with greater than 80%. Thank you!
Janet Riddick / Decatur
I passed the first time!

Just wanted to let you know I took the exam on Sept. 8 and passed it on my first attempt with a score of 91.4. Thank you.
James Boudouris / Duluth
License tutor was more helpful than my pre-license class!
Jackie Taylor / Woodstock
My score was among the highest!

License Exam Tutor is a must for someone who wants to pass the exam. It has the best price and includes the math and state exam part too. Even though I am from a foreign country, with the help of your training system I not only passed the test, but my score was among the highest. I would highly recommend your product.
Eva Somogyi / Sautee Nacoochee
My score was among the highest!

License Exam Tutor is a must for someone who wants to pass the exam. It has the best price and includes the math and state exam part too. Even though I am from a foreign country, with the help of your training system I not only passed the test, but my score was among the highest. I would highly recommend your product.
Eva Somogyi / Sautee Nacoochee
Tutor gave me confidence!

The Tutor program gave me confidence when I went to take my state exam. The Real Estate Express prepared me well for the test and the Tutor gave me confidence to know that I would pass on the first try. Thank You
Edward Hancock / Thomasville
...This was without a doubt the best money I've spent...

I do not believe I could have done this the first time without your assistance. This was without a doubt the best money I've spent. The manner it builds on one another helped me, the illuminations were very helpful. I can not thank you enough.
Donna Millage / Young Harris
The Tutor is awesome.

I am glad for this program it helped me pass. I think if I had access to it sooner I would have probably passed the first time. It took 3 tries. After studying the tutor for the first time for 5 days I got a 73.7. So one needs adequate time to review this stuff. But the tutor is awesome and I and glad it's all behind me now! I am a Licensed Real Estate agent.
Derwyn Browne / Alpharetta
It was the best $49 I have spent

I really liked this program. It explained a lot of things that I just didn't understand with the pre-license course. I really liked the review section, because it told me at that moment if I was right or wrong and WHY! That was very important to remembering the "right information". I got a 100 on both practice final exams and my confidence was very high. I was discouraged with the actual state exam though. I know why most people have to take it 3 or 4 times! I would read the questions and know the answers, only to find that the term I was looking for wasn't on the list. There were even a few questions that I don't remember ever covering? The tutoring course gave me enough knowledge to do process of illumination. I passed with a 78, not as well as I though t I would have done. I would not have passed without this program, but it was close. Thank goodness that part is done, I wouldn't want to have to take it again! It was the best $59 I have spent and will recommend it to others.
Dawn Sams / Woodstock

I have referred many classmates to License Tutor! I was so excited to have an on-line application to prep for the exam. I took the GA Exam 3 times and after completing the License Tutor and retaking the state for the 4th time - I PASSED!!! THANK YOU LICENSETUTOR!
Christina Byrd / Fairburn
I highly recommend License Tutor!

I would highly recommend this to anyone preparing to take the state licensing exam -- it really was the best $59 I've invested in my Real Estate career!
Catrecia Lewis / Loganville
Helped build my confidence!

I found going over the questions in the 3 different ways allowed by your Real Estate Exam Prep helped build my confidence and cement in the concepts I felt nervous about.
Bob Jones / Hilton Head (SC)
Very glad our instructor told us about this...

Very glad our instructor in real estate class told us about this. It was a great help.
Betty Browher / McIntyre
Better than cram courses!

I am spreading the news to other candidates about your proven techniques to pass the real estate exam. It was a refreshing experience. Better than cram courses offered by many schools.
Bassey Udom / Austell
I highly recommend your services!

The format of the school final exam is completely different from the testing format of the state. I highly recommend your services in order to prepare you in how the questions are asked on the Georgia Real Estate exam.
Anthony Sorrells / Roswell
Wonderful Program!

Thanks so much for your wonderful program! I passed my state exam on Friday January 6th as scheduled. Thanks so much for everything. I will highly recommend this program to anyone in the process of real estate studies.
Anne Smith / Atlanta
License Tutor taught me things I did not learn...

I just want to say that License Tutor with the help of God enabled me to pass the Real Estate Exam the very first time. License Tutor taught me things that I did not learn from my pre-license course nor from a prior Ga exam practice test. Go in to the test with confidence on definitions and math.
Amy Sims / Gillsville
License Tutor was great for me. The only thing I would suggest is allowing the tests to be printed with the answer choices, instead of just the correct answer and the one you guessed.
Amber Pike / Americus
The License Tutor definitely gave me the confidence that I needed to take the State Exam. I was feeling a little bit shaky on some of the math problems, and the tricks that the course provides were definitely helpful.
Alecia Crumby / Lithia Springs