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Illinois real estate customers are saying...

Used License Tutor to get ready and sailed thru...

Due to personal reasons, I didn't take the test until months after completing the pre-license test and stumbled on the first try. Passed National and not State. Used License Tutor to get ready and sailed thru the next time I tested. License Tutor is a great way to prepare. I'm very happy with my experience using License Tutor.
William Sheldon, Jr / Barrington
I breezed through my test!!

I have used your Real Estate Exam test prep tools for the 2 weeks prior to my retest and passed easily. I breezed thru the test in half the allotted time and there was not one question I didn't feel confident about answering. Your product is outstanding and delivers what is promised. Thank you for your help and I recommend License Tutor whole heartedly. Thank you again.
Victor Piermattei / Addison
Passed my first time. I would recommend it to others. Don't just memorize the answers, learn the text and point of the question in the review mode.
Tim Smiley / Humboldt
Best program ever!

I recommend this program to everyone I know that's in the R.E. pre-stage. Best program ever!
Tiffany Kohnke / Chicago
I did feel more prepared.

The format definitely helped. I did feel more prepared.
Tiara Bedenko-Hill / Peru
It all went great.

What more can I say, License Tutor, than I passed on the first try as you had stated. It all went great. Your course content and method of study really helped me remain confident and focused throughout the entire exam. I have already recommended your course to several friends. Thanks again.
Thomas Reinhofer / Elmhurst
I recommend everyone use

After using the tips and help from license tutor, the state test was not a surprise for me, majority of the questions were in the same format as in license tutor exams. The key to success is to really, really focus on the question and revise all questions after you have finished the state test. I passed the exam in my first attempt and recommend everyone use
Tausif Ahmad / Des Plaines
I loved that I could use this anytime during my busy day!

I truly believe that this program is the reason I passed the exam the first time! I learned to really read the questions and the amount of practice exams made a real difference. I love that I could log on at anytime to practice during my busy day - early morning, lunch hour or at then end of my day.
Susan Schiesser / Geneva
Much to my amazement, I passed my test on the first try!

I passed my test on the first try, much to my amazement!! I was very nervous going in, but now I realize I was very well prepared, thanks to License Tutor. Thank You!
Susan Lutz / Sherman
I can't thank you enough!

I am finally a licensed agent!!!!!!!!!!! I can't thank you enough!
Stacey Tyranski / Lake in the Hills
Thanks for the Illuminations! They were so helpful and really helped me honed in on key definitions that were necessary to pass them exam!
Sondra Douglass / Lake Forest
I felt completely prepared while taking the exam as a result of License Tutor. I can honestly say there was nothing on the exam that I had never seen before. I finished the exam in 1.5 hrs. The key is following the instructions given on the website and sticking to the timeline. License Tutor truly works, and I know that this helped me prepare and pass the exam on my first try, not what I learned in the classroom.
Santresa Johnson / Matteson
Your program helped me pass the first time

Thank you very much for helping me pass my state exam on the first try. I am not a good test taker and your program help me pass the first time. I would recommend this program for everyone who wants to pass the State exam.
Rosa Carulli / Carol Stream
Money well spent...

I took all my exams in Review Mode. I felt this was best because you got the correct answer and the reasoning behind the answer right then while the question was fresh. There is no doubt in my mind that this program is the reason I passed my state exam. Money well spent, I highly recommend it.
Rick Foutch / Salem
This site saved me!
Patrick Hudik / South Elgin
I'm so happy that I passed!

I loved it! I'm so happy that I passed. Thanks - you were there for me when I needed you.
Oksana SAmnadda / Crystal Lake
Thank you for helping me get my license!
Nhrin Kifarkis / Elgin
I was so confident on the day of the exam!!

I would not have been able to pass the Illinois Real Estate Exam without License Exam Tutor. I was so confident the day of the exam I wasn't even nervous. Thank you!!
Natalie Bochsler / Chicago
Your help made all the difference!

This was the very best study method I could have used. Having already completed the Real Estate Exam prep course, this program really focused me in on what was needed to pass the exam - on my FIRST try. Thank you so much - your help made all the difference.
Nancy Detlefsen / Arlington Heights
I am a believer.

I took the Accelerated Real Estate Program over 5 days and I used License Tutor exclusively to study for the IL State Exam and passed on my first try! I am a believer and would highly recommend License Tutor to anyone wanting to get their license immediately.
Michelle Young / Forest Park
Thanks for all of your help!

It's finally over and I passed!!! Thanks for all of your help.
Michael Ware / Calument City
License Tutor made it easy!

Thank you, License Tutor, for your product. I took my state exam today, and I have to say that your product made virtually ALL of the questions on the exam seem very easy to read, understand, and answer. I personally recommend this for anyone who is either still taking the 40 hour course, or has just completed it, but, really anytime doesn't matter. Thanks again
Maurice Robinson / Detroit
I am recommending License Exam Tutor to a friend

I passed the State Exam which is what I had trouble with the first time around even though I scored 95 on the National Portion. Wish I had focused more attention on License Exam Tutor earlier. I am recommending License Exam Tutor to a friend who is experiencing difficulty with the real estate exam concepts.
Mary Foote-Davis / Chicago
It was helpful.

It is a good program. It was helpful.
Mary Beal / Crete

Maria Carmona / West Chicago
I was surprised to see the exact questions.

I was surprised to see some of the exact questions that I had come across while taking the test exams from the website, with the exception of the names of companies or people in the question.
Mahvash Jagshi / Streamwood
I passed on the first try. thank you.
Laurel Reddish / Chicago
Life is Good. I passed! Yes! Yes! Thank you!
Krzysztof Golonka / Elk Grove Village
...I passed on my first attempt!!...

I really liked this tutor. I passed on my first attempt!!! I have to say the state exam was much like the tutorial so it helped a lot.
Krishna Thakkar / Plainfield
I understood the way in which questions were worded.

I made the mistake of taking the state exam without going through the License Tutor Program, and I did not pass. I studied on my own extremely hard. I would suggest that anyone preparing for the state license exam should first go through this program. I thought I could pass the test on my own and subsequently did not. However, going through License Tutor...I understood the way in which questions were worded, etc.
Kimberly Gailes / Bloomingdale
Should have signed up a long time ago

Your website was very helpful. I should have signed up a long time ago. Thanks!
Kate Corcoran-Torres / Oak Forest

I was so excited to have passed the Real Estate Test the first time. I feel License Tutor was a lot more up-to-date. THANKS!
Karinda Lavender / Sycamore
License Tutor is a valuable tool!

I just want to inform you that I have successfully passed my broker Real Estate Exams. Your website is one of the most valuable tools intrinsic to my success in the exams. I recommend License exam tutor to anyone determined to pursue a career in Real Estate.
Joseph Okesola / South Holland
I wouldn't have passed without Tutor

I was 100% completely satisfied with this tutor course. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have passed if it won't for There were definitions on here that I was never taught in my class but with, I wasn't stuck on any questions because I was well prepared for the exam. I have recommended this course to a friend and will continue to keep on referring this tutor course. I did pass thanks to license tutor.
Jose De Jesus / Chicago
Thank you!

First time is the charm. License Tutor worked for me. THANK YOU!

Joe Jaskula / New Lenox
Passed on first try.

Was great. Passed on the first try. Thanks
Jim Cowie / Chicago
License Tutor REALLY WORKS!

Jeff Almdale / Barrington
Thank you!

I am already licensed in Indiana and this was for my reciprocity license in Illinois. This did help me freshen up with rules & regulations along with specific State license rules. Thank You.
Janice Zilz / Hammond
It worked just as promised

I believed it and it worked, just as promised...though I practiced tests a lot more than was asked! thanks!
Jana Wulffleff / Chicago
I could not have prepped so quickly...without your service!

I completed my class in May and didn't have time to take the exam close to my final exam. I could not have prepped so quickly and passed the first time without your service.
Jackie Freeman / Glen Ellyn
...but with your help I got it...

I passed today! Thank you for your great system. Before your license exam tutor I failed the first portion of the state test, but with your help I got it the second time with a flying colors. Thank you. I am so relieved I do not have to study hard anymore.
Imadedin Amro / Wheaton
I passed first time, thank you so much...

Imadedin Amro / Wheaton
License Tutor helped me prepare.

Thanks. Need to completely read book and License tutor helped me prepare entirely for exam
Hitesh Patel / West Chicago
Thank you License Tutor!!!

Thank You License Exam Tutor !!! Your service was much better than taking the book exams. I love being able to know the correct answers right away.
Heidi Jennings / New Lenox
I was very confident when I went in to take the state exam and passed thanks to License Tutor.
Harriett Means / Richton Park
I think License Tutor is great!

It was an excellent source. The ability to go back and take the test several times allowed me to concentrate on what I didn't know. I think it was great, and have told several of my friends about it.
Gloria Byler / East Peoria
License tutor prepares you how to think like the exam...

Study your material, License tutor prepares you how to think like the exam, but the state tends to twist the questions. Thanks Ltutor.
George Metinidis / Morton Grove

My only regret on my way to taking the exam, yesterday, was that I didn't give myself more time to take all the tests. (I only had a few days from the time I purchased the tests to the set date of my license exam). But even so, I PASSED and I feel it's all so worth it!!!
Florentina Atkeson / Chicago
...Tutor is great!

The License exam tutor is great.
Eric Miles / Country Club Hills
...I was able to breeze through all the questions...

I am a licensed Realtor and went for my Broker's license. The test was very difficult and tricky, the questions were not exactly what I expected, but after using License Tutor I was able to breeze through all the questions that had anything to do with License Law and Illinois specific questions.
Diane Bihun / Palatine
Your site BOOSTED my CONFIDENCE up to the STARS.

I passed on the First try as scared as I was. Your site BOOSTED my CONFIDENCE up to the STARS. I literally waited 2 years before taking the test because I was so afraid of failing the test. I took the class again and passed again but for some reason I was absolutely terrified to take the test. Your site explained all wrong answers and I loved the definitions part. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SITE to ANYONE trying to pass the exam. Once I got my results, I was so pleased I cried. Thank you License Tutor. I will remember you when I'm ready for my broker's test exam. Thanks again for all your help.
Destiny Atkins / Bartlett
I just passed the test today! Thank You for such a great tutoring experience. After not passing the test on the first try, I was looking for a personal tutor and found "License Exam Tutor" and after 8 days of following your tests, I was able to get a great passing score! I recommend this website to anyone who needs some extra Real Estate Exam Prep in learning the material. THANK YOU!!!!
Debora Dickinson / Chicago
I felt I learned much more information from License Tutor!

After taking 45 study exams through the web course that I took and failing the state portion of the final, I tried using License Tutor. I felt that I learned much more information from License Tutor.
Dawn Brennan / Gurnee
Thanks a lot!

I would most definitely recommend this site to anyone beginning real estate classes and as a big prep for the exam. for offering this site. It was the best $59 investment ever!!!
David Williams / Kankakee
I couldn't have done it without exam tutor!!

It was fantastic in helping me prep for my exam. I couldn't have done it without exam tutor!!
Dack Johnson / Salem
Your program was fabulous!!

I APOLOGIZE! I just sent you an e-mail that I thought I was sending to another company who offers on-line study programs. Your program was fabulous! I used it for only two days and passed my test last Friday. Again, I apologize. I have already recommended your program to several friends. Thank you.
Cynthia Kaskie / Plainfield
I thought I would be e-mailing you for my money back…

Hello, I thought I would be e-mailing you for my money back, however I'm more then happy to tell you that I passed my Illinois Real Estate Exam today as you said, "THE FIRST TIME"! This course will be highly recommended by me to all that I know going for their license. Many, many thanks!
Craig McLaurin / Chicago
Tutor made it easy to pass!

This tutorial helped me not only understand what I was learning, but made it so much easier to pass the Illinois Real Estate Test.
Christina Lowery / Chicago
I will be forever grateful.

I do not know how your course could have helped prepare me any more than it did. I really do not believe I could have passed the exam the first time without your tutor program. I will be forever grateful. Thank you. I am going to take the Brokers Exam soon.
Carolyn Baker / Chicago
I am so pleased.

I would recommend your course/study guide to anyone. I am so pleased. Thank you so much.
Carolyn Baker / Chicago
I have passed my exam!

I have passed my Real Estate Exam, thanks to your instruction!  First time around.
Carol Wotring / Crystal Lake
I am so glad I found License Tutor!

After using License Tutor I had so much confidence going in to take the Illinois Real Estate Exam and I passed the first time. I felt that the Real Estate Exam prep tools prepared me for the test by using similar wording in the questions that were on the State Exam. The 45 Hour Course that I took actually gave me good information but when it came to taking their tests the questions were very confusing, especially the math questions. I doubted my answers on most of the questions even when I thought that I knew the answer. I am so glad that I found License Tutor.
Carol Noonan / Huntley
Thanks so much for providing such a great study tool!

This was truly the best $59 I've invested in. It was so true to the real exam that it was like I was sitting at my computer at home or at work and still practicing. I was not nervous at all. Thanks so much for providing such a great study tool!
Carmalita Thrash / Bolingbrook
License Tutor gave me confidence!!

I am so happy that I purchased your License Exam Tutor. I passed the Real Estate Exam first time and I know without the Real Estate Exam test prep tools I would have focused too much on one portion and not enough of the other. Thank you so much. It gave me a lot of confidence and it also taught me things the class skipped over. I will be back for the Brokers License test.
Bonnie Stradley / Rock Falls
Thank you SO much!!! I could not believe that I passed the first time!! I would NEVER have done it without your help. Thank you again and I would recommend to anyone wanting to pass the Real Estate Test for the first time!!
Beth Jeffers / Wildwood
The Illuminations are great!

Very useful questions and the illuminations are great also to explain how and whys. I am sure many students will be able to use this program for practice.
Anita Rambhajan / Park Ridge
I'm glad I invested in because it helped me review all real estate concepts in a timely fashion. ALSO there were at least three questions on my state exam that were word-for-word verbatim to the questions.
Angela Gosz / Chicago
Thank you for all the help!!!!!
Ana Casarez / Melrose Park
You made it easy!

You made it easy, thank you so much!!!!
Amy Kelsey / Danville
Great online prep course! Super easy to understand and love REVIEW MODE!!! The little memorization tips were the most helpful!!!!
Almay Alday / Chicago
It covered everything possible.

Great course. I was able to finish the course in less than a week...with over 1200 questions the course covered everything possible. The explanations that were given for each course were worth their weight in gold. Thanks.
Aaron Beaver / Belvidere