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Massachusetts real estate customers are saying...

Your website is excellent
Xing Zhang / Framingham
I was ready for the exam in 2 weeks!

I was ready for the exam in 2 weeks!
Vincent Leo / Saugus
Would not have passed without this service. The material and practice tests provided by the real estate schools do not cover in enough detail the nuances of each topic which this service did via the answer explanations.
Seth Mckibben / Groton
I passed on my first try thanks to License Exam Tutor!
Scott Swenson / Randolph
...I was confident I would pass...

After taking License tutor I was confident I would pass my real estate exam, which I did on the first try.
Ruth Mcgee / Pembroke
I would highly recommend this service.

The questions were very similar to what I saw on the exam. I would highly recommend this Real Estate Exam Prep. The ability to get a full explanation to each wrong answer immediately was the most help to me.
Paul Swartz / North Andover
Tutor helped me prepare perfectly

The tutor helped me prepare perfectly. I was able to complete the Real Estate Exam in 45 minutes and pass the first time due to the repetition of content and the illumination of the review mode which helped to re-enforce the correct answers with reasoning. Thanks!
Michael Valcourt / Pelham
Thank you License Tutor!

I would recommend every candidate who is preparing for the Maine Real Estate Exam to sign up for License Tutor for preparation. I'm really thankful to License Exam Tutor, in the exam section each and every concept is covered, I would have definitely failed if I did not have license tutor for my reference. Thank you license tutor.
Meera Thakrar / Attleboro
Thank you for a great site....

Just want to tell you that your Web-site has helped me a great deal...I have passed my exam and want to Thank you for a great site....I would recommend it to anyone taking a Real Estate Exam...Thank you.
Mary de Priest / Malden
Thanks so much.

There is no way I could have passed the salesperson exam without the preparation these series of exams provided. I knew from the moment I took the first exam that I was not as well prepared as I had thought. I scored in the 60% area. After several weeks I was scoring in the 90 through 100% range. I really learned the material, especially the math at my own rate whenever I wanted. I strongly recommend this essential tool to the exam. The exam was very difficult, very detailed. I will use License Exam Tutor when I take my Broker's license next year. Thanks so much.
Karen Malionek / Lynn
I finished my state exam in less than 2 hours!

I feel very strongly that this course truly help me pass the Real Estate Test the first time. I felt it did help by pushing the specific "Need To Know" info. Helping to eliminate some of the extras that I didn't need to worry about. I did feel a bit worried about the MA state specific questions and wished that I had felt better prepared in that section. It was a very important factor in my passing the test the first time. It really helped teach me to slow down and read the questions and the answers. Also to not get overwhelmed with the number of questions. I just trudged right through and finished the test in less than 2 hours.
Joy Grimes / Bradford
Excellent, thank you.

Joel Reichman / Marblehead
This was a great tool for me to prepare.
JoBeth Umali / Brookline
The illuminations are extremely helpful.

I found License tutor to be extremely helpful, especially the illuminations they offer when you get an answer wrong. And the fact that you could go back to just go over the questions you had missed really helped cement the knowledge. Now that I have passed my Massachusetts exam I only wish they had it available for New Hampshire as well!
Heidi O'Neil / Atkinson (NH)
I think you have a good system.

The questions on the state exam were more difficult then the practice exams on your website. The practice exams are black and white and the state exam is gray. Overall, I think you have a good system. I would only recommend increasing the level difficulty (particularly on the Massachusetts state specific section).
Dominique Boulette / Sturbridge
You really will be able to pass the state exam!

Keep taking the License Exam Tutor practice test over and over and you really will be able to pass the state exam.
Darren Ireland / Rindge (NH)
Your program helped me pass the very first time.

Thank you so much for helping me take and pass the Real Estate Exam. One day of studying with your program helped me pass the exam from the very first time, and some people retake it up to 14 times in MA. The $59 fee is nothing in comparison with the $65 fee that you have to take for every time you retake the exam. Thank you for all your help!!!!
Daria Tremouliaris / Middleboro
Thank you.

I flew through the general part and passed the first time but failed the state. I passed the state the second time. I do not want a refund, I should have studied the state part more. Thank You, I have a hard time processing information, license tutor helped greatly.
Claudia DeFuria / Lawrence
Thanks to License Tutor I passed!!

I didn't pass the first time but the second time I did. The test was even harder too this time but thanks to License Tutor I passed!!
Christopher Balboni / East Walpole
It worked! I passed.

I procrastinated and only had 3 days to prepare for my Broker's Real Estate Exam! I took my pre-licensing exam four years ago and have been practicing since then. However, in the day-to-day practice of real estate you don't encounter some of the principles that you are tested on in the Maryland Real Estate Exam. I was so nervous that I would fail with little time to study. I signed up for License Tutor, cleared my schedule for 2 1/2 days so that I could take as many practice exams as possible - and it worked! I passed - I am still shocked that with only 2 1/2 days of study I passed my State and National portions of the exam!
Christine Langford / Upper Marlboro
License Tutor helped me focus

I passed the Maine Real Estate Exam on the first try, I feel, because this tutor helped me focus on the material that was on the test. Although the exam had a number of questions where the wording was tricky, I knew the basic reason or concept, so I was able to determine the best answer. These Real Estate Exam test prep tools do not take away the fact that you do have to study from the book given at the first classroom instruction, but it does help tremendously when you know what to focus on and what not to waste time on. If I had to do this all over again, I would not hesitate to purchase exam tutor.
Christine Gardner / Springfield
Very helpful!

This tutor was very helpful for the general knowledge section of the test.
Cherie Sivertsen / New Bedford
...Program was incredibly easy to use...!

I think the program was incredibly easy to use and based on my passing the exam with very little prep and study time...the program did it's job!!!
Charles Husak / Hyde Park
My instructor recommended License Tutor!

I definitely feel that this course (along with excellent instruction in the real estate class that I enrolled in) is the reason for my being able to pass the Real Estate Exam Test the first time. In fact, my instructor recommended this course to the class. Thank you for the support!
Annemarie Kelley / Boxford
I have recommended your website

I have recommended your website
Alissa Ford / Hingham