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Montana real estate customers are saying...

The money spent was well worth it!

The exams are very confusing and tricky! If I did not purchase your Tutor Exam package I was almost ready to give up. I took the test 8 times and still failed it! Then I found you on the Internet and am really glad I did. I purchased your Tutor Exam preparation class and followed everything on your Tutor Exam. I took the test the 9th time after purchasing your Tutor Test package and passed! Thank you for helping me finally pass the Missouri Real Estate Test. It was really a hard one. Without the help of your Tutor Exam Package I purchased from you I was almost ready to give up. The money spent for this Tutor test package was well worth it.....thanks...I really feel good now that this is over with.
Thomas Conry / O'Fallon
Gave me confidence and invaluable information!

Taking this class really helped me. I don't believe I would have passed the Real Estate Exam the first time without it. The class gave me confidence and information that was very valuable .
Rena Clark / Warrensburg
License Tutor prepared me well! certainly helped prepare me for the Real Estate Exam. I took the practice tests in "review mode" and made sure I understood, rather than memorized, the material. It prepared me well, as I passed the Nat'l and MO State exams on the first attempt. I think the questions given by were similar to a lot of the questions on the exam.....just make sure you don't memorize, but, rather gain an understanding and you will be good to go. Thanks.
Melissa Rickford / Columbia
With the help of License Tutor I was very confident.

Everyone told me how hard the Real Estate Exam was going to be and that I had made a mistake by taking my classes online instead of in a traditional classroom. Personally, I think they were all very wrong. With the help of License Tutor I was very confident entering the exam room and the test wasn't as intimidating after utilizing the practice exams with the review method. I would recommend everyone prepare with License Exam Tutor's assistance. Thank you! State Exam...97% and National Exam...85% and yes, that was on my first try :)
Lisa Kelley / Marthasville
Extremely easy to use!

I really appreciated the "Illuminations" and immediate response to Real Estate Test questions. Very well thought out and extremely easy to use. Thanks!
Lisa Brnjac / St. Louis
This was a great way to tune-up and get ready for the state and national exams. For those of you like me that struggle with the dry non interaction of studying by text books, this is the way you want to go. I was ready to take the Real Estate Test in the computer method because that was how I had prepared all the time.
Kevin Koch / St. Louis
Great study tool - I think most of our class signed up.
Karla Pankovits / Kimberling City
I bought your program 24 hours before my test and passed...

I failed my test and went online to get help. Your site was the answer to helping me pass. I bought your program 24 hours before my Real Estate Test and passed! I am so happy! Your Real Estate Exam Prep program helped me break the code!
Julie Garcia / Waynesville
This was the only thing I studied

This was a good and valuable class....I rushed through the 60 hour class online and did not study it much. I knew I was not ready for the test...but this Real Estate Exam Prep class of yours got me ready and actually was the only reason I was the only thing I studied.
Greg Berry / Lee's Summit
...It gave me great confidence...

Well worth the cost. I think it gave me great confidence in my ability to pass the first time!
Ellen Murphy / Brentwood
I don't think I would have passed the first time without it.

Licensetutor really helped me, I don't think I would have passed the Real Estate Exam the first time without it. The math questions were much more complex on the exam and the finance questions were harder than I expected.
Elisha Page / Springfield
Extremely helpful!

I found License Tutor was extremely helpful. I redid any Real Estate Test I didn't do well on and tried to make sure most of my scores were above 90. I scored a 92 on my state exam.
Debra Brickey / Foley
...License Exam was a tremendous help...

I do think License Exam was a tremendous help in me learning the information for the National Real Estate Test.
Carolyn Heilman / New Franklin