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New York real estate customers are saying...


I think I didn't realize how your Real Estate Exam Prep worked, I took the big test to study from and only did the beginning tests about a day before the test, and then I took them afterwards in case I failed--which I did not. You should market yourself with schools in NYC--this is much better than the software I bought which was good. Thanks.
Tommy McDonell / New York
I was overall very satisfied.
Tina Spithogiannis / Staten Island
You are a great tool while studying and beyond.

Actually, when I took the Real Estate Test, I thought something was wrong. It was too easy!!! I didn't really follow the tutorial exactly to the end but the test I was given last Tuesday was nothing compared to the tutor exams! You are a great Real Estate Exam test prep tool while studying and beyond. Thank you!!! Use this tool every night before you go to bed. Read the illuminations after each question, print it and use them as a study guide and retest yourself often. I kind of got the idea after a few tests scores came in low but then I figured it out and that is what seemed to work best for me. When you print out the illuminations along with the questions, it gives the correct answer (if you got it wrong) and the wrong answer that you chose. It then explains what the answer is and why. A great tool!!
Stefani Green / Patterson
I am elated - I passed!

Elated to inform you that I passed the New York Real Estate Broker's exam on the first time. I finished my exam in about 20 minutes. I was the first to finish the exam and I am confident that I answered all mathematical questions correctly. I am also confident that I answered all questions covered in your course correctly. I noted that most people taking the Real Estate Exam were taking it again. I recommended your course to others, and will continue to do so. Thank you for your help.
Serafin Lopez / Brooklyn
I really liked the program.
Paola Andrea / Elmhurst
It definitely was the best thing to do. It completely prepared me for my New York Real Estate Exam. I felt very confident taking the exam.
Nancy Bennett / Staten Island
License Tutor is great.

License Tutor is great, but in taking the New York Real Estate Test, License Tutor may be TOO informative. The state test is only 50 questions, however, because of the many questions License Tutor has and the many creative ways it asks the questions, by the time I took the state test, it felt like I was helping a kindergartener with his homework. Thanks License Tutor!
Joseph Anderson / Jersey City, NJ
Thanks - I passed the first time!

Jaime Wong / Astoria
License Tutor was all I needed

I am sooooo happy thanks to license tutor, it was all I needed to pass Real Estate Test. Thanks so much!
Epifania Fernandez / Port Jeffers
It's a great tool!

Thank you. It's a great Real Estate Exam test prep tool!
Donna Bensik / Ardsley
Best way I found to study for Real Estate Test…
Danny Mas / Ronkonkoma
You can be sure I'll recommend this service.

I am very pleased with this system. I took the exam twice already. Finding License tutor showed me how to study. The repetition of the questions and the examples used really, really helped. Thanks License tutor! You can be sure I'll recommend this Real Estate Exam Prep website.
Coleen Forbes / St. Albans
I felt like I was ahead of everyone...

I thought that was a GREAT way for me to begin getting familiar with many of the terms BEFORE I started my 45 hour class. I felt like I was ahead of everyone because of Thank you Licensetutor.
Brian Disalvo / Las Vegas (NV)