North Carolina Real Estate License Exam Prep Reviews

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North Carolina real estate customers are saying...

Excellent program!!

Excellent program, passed on first attempt. Thanks.
William Henderson / Huntersville
I highly recommend License Tutor!

I HIGHLY recommend this program! I encourage others not to solely depend on License Tutor, don't forget the book; summaries and end of book tests. Study, Study, Study. Thank you...I absolutely felt this site was VERY helpful to me.
Teri Lynn Raper / Murphy
I PASSED the first time!

Just wanted to say that I took the NC State Real Estate Exam and passed the first time!!!
Teresa Burr / Randleman
It is testing made easy.

I am very pleased with the NC tutor questions & answers. I feel very confident that I will pass the Real Estate Brokers Exam. It is like testing made easy with all the options offered in preparing for the test. I have recommended NC Tutor to all of my Agents
Teresa Bickford / Napa (CA)
I improved my score.

I had taken the test before and after I improved my score by 9 points.
Tammy Robinson / Arden
...License Tutor was the tool that helped me pull everything together...

If I had only had my classroom materials to study by I don't know that I would have passed my exam the first try..License Tutor was the tool that helped me pull everything together..
Tammy Bennett / Ellenboro
I was very happy with the ease of taking tests, and feel sure that your tutoring helped me pass the State test the first time I took it.
Susie Blackmon / Maggie Valley
It really made a difference.

Thrilled by using the license exam tutor test to prepare in every way. It really made a difference.
Sondra Byrd / Greenville
The sessions were very helpful in reviewing the material and making it possible to pass the exam the first time even though I took the pre-licensure classes in another state.
Shirley Starkey / Phoenix (AZ)
This was a very useful tool that helped me pass the test the first time!!
Sarah Motz / Charlotte
..Excellent Tool..

This is an excellent tool to use, superior to any classroom instructors.
Robert Coniglio / Monroe
I had no doubt about passing!

This is the best $59 I have ever spent for a Real Estate Exam Prep course. It is very comprehensive and preps you for all categories of questions. I felt very confident going in to take the test and my confidence never waned. I passed the first time and had no doubt about passing.
Richard Dexter / Summerfield
...Helped me in every way...

Was very happy with the $59.00 I spent and felt that it helped me in every way to pass the state exam. I would recommend it to everyone before taking the state exam.
Rhonda Ardelean / Jamestown
I passed and thanks for the test samples it really prepared me with my timing and my endurance.
Reginald McDavid / Charlotte
You'll pass the first time with the help of License Tutor.
Melissa Boyle / Salisbury
I only used the program for about 7 days!

I just kept taking each practice test and exam until I got close to the 90% range on each. I reviewed my class materials twice while working with the tutorial program. I only used the program for about 7 days immediately prior to my state exam and passed.
Lynn Smith / Hudson
I highly recommend it!

License Tutor helped organize a great deal of information, and made it easy to study. I highly recommend it!
Laurie Chilelli / Concord
I would heartily recommend License Tutor to anyone!

Even though I didn't get to complete all the practice exams, the ones I finished were invaluable to me! I passed the NC Real Estate Exam today and felt very confident throughout the entire process, thanks to License Tutor! The practice exams were comprehensive and just repetitive enough to make me feel very sure about my knowledge. The Math exam was excellent and covered virtually every problem on the NC exam in one form or another. I am certain I would not have felt as ready had I not found License Tutor! Thank you all for your hard work and your patience with me throughout these two days! I would heartily recommend License Tutor to anyone preparing for their respective State Exam. Idea: Allow yourself a few more days than the 1 1/2 I did!
Lanny Farmer / Clemmons
License Tutor...gave you the information you need to pass the test the first time.

License Tutor was so easy to follow and gave you the information you need to pass the test the first time. I would recommend License Tutor to anyone taking the Real Estate exam.
Katie Gault / Leicester
License Tutor is a great tool for preparing for the state exam. The study method allowed to me to see my mistakes instantly and to know how to answer correctly. Continue to retake the test until you score 95% on everything and you should be okay on the state exam.
Katherine Coleman / Greensboro
Extremely helpful!!!

The questions were phrased just like they appeared on my exam! I found the best way for me to study and remember was to use the ''illuminations'' process. It gave me valuable, well-rounded information whether I answered right or wrong. Extremely helpful!!!
Karen Neitz / Kernersville
Thank you very much. This course helped me more than my real estate class.
Jose Bernal / Raleigh
...Worth the money, thanks...

I felt that this exam format helped in preparing me to deal with the exam format. The questions were good and covered the subject matter. The exam questions were just repeats of the other questions but good. I did like the fact that you could go back on each segment and review the questions that you missed. Worth the money. Thanks
John Overbey / State Road
What a huge confidence booster!

I completely contribute my passing the first try to your program. What a huge confidence booster. Finished in just under 3 hours. Thank You!!!
John Hickling / Hendersonville
Worth every penny!!!

I have convinced three other students to purchase this program. I failed the class test the first time I took it so I went on line for help. I retook the class test three weeks later and passed it. I passed the North Carolina Real Estate Test the first time. The program is worth every penny. Thanks,
John Denson / White Lake
It was no sweat.

I felt that the COMBINATION of school attendance, home study, and License Tutor made me bullet proof. And I'm not by any means a great student, but was determined to only take the STATE TEST ONCE.. License Tutor made me perfectly calm about the Real Estate Test. Especially when I got the State Computer test in front of me.. I felt like I had taken the test 50 times before... it was no sweat.. THANKS!
John Becker / Otto
I passed the first time!

Jerry Holloway / Andrews
It helped me understand how to go about preparing.

Actually, when I took the North Carolina Real Estate Exam the first time, I missed passing it by only 5 incorrect answers. After using the license exam tutor for only ten days, I passed the exam with confidence my second attempt. I felt it helped me tremendously understanding some of the concepts I was having trouble with and made me understand how to go about preparing for the exam. It turned out to be a very good investment, primarily because it actually worked.
Jeff Johnson / Lexington
I needed a refresher on how to study!

Thank you for giving me a tool to help me study for this Real Estate Exam. I have been out of school for 16 years and I needed a refresher on how to study. Thank you.
Jan Wood / Summerfield
I became confident with the knowledge.

If you use this system like they recommend you will not become confused at test time. Nerves is a big issue with me and by taking these tests over 20 days to prepare I became confident with the knowledge. Keep on taking the test until you get 90% or better. I also retook the questions that I missed and looked up the information in order to get better knowledge.
Jan Wood / Summerfield
Thank you License Tutor!

I feel that without this tutorial program, I would have not been as confident about my test taking skills. I practiced with the program often and went back and retook exams and by the time I was due to take the exam, I felt that I really knew the information and was able to relax the day before the exam and get a good nights sleep as well. Thank you so much for this product!! I would recommend this tutorial to anyone who would like to walk in to Real Estate Test day totally sure of your ability to pass.
Gwen Nixon / Wilmington
Many thanks to you and your staff!

The License Exam Tutor course and schedule was great! I passed my North Carolina Real Estate Exam and received my Real Estate license as a result. I'm now taking the Broker's course and am scheduled to take the exam on May 23 so I have continued to refer back to the "License Exam Tutor" to refresh my memory and prepare for the Broker's exam. My many thanks to you and your staff for offering me this opportunity.
Gilda Lynch / Advance
I passed. Thanks for a great product.

License Tutor provided wonderful practice for the state exam. I didn't get to complete the math exam, but that wasn't my weakness. The other exams really drilled in important definitions and theory. I had taken the exam once before about 8 years ago. That was so long ago, I feel like this was my first try. I passed. Thanks for a great product.
Gerri Talbert / Raleigh
...I am glad that I used the License Exam Tutor...

The License Exam Tutor did help me to understand why the answer I chose was right and why the other choices were wrong. I passed on the third try and I am glad that I used the License Exam Tutor after I failed twice. I do recommend this program.
George Cortes / Fuquay Varina
License Tutor was great for me. Either one by one questions like the state exam or a explanation after each answer is also beneficial for learning the right answer. This program was fabulous, worth the $59.00.
Frank Passarelli / Pittsboro
I am 100% pleased

The Illuminations was very helpful to me. . .I liked the way it was easy to understand and straight forward. I am 100% pleased with License Exam Tutor. Excellent Real Estate Exam Prep guide!!!
Edward Regula Jr / Charlotte
It was a big help.

I recommended License Tutor to several people who are just starting their sales class. It was a big help.
Donald Dornauer / Cornelius explained everything in detail.

Make the time to take the practice exams on License Tutor over & over again. I found the review mode the most helpful because it explained everything in detail. I passed the state and school tests with ease on the first try.
Denise Chavanne / Tega Cay (SC)
I wouldn't have passed without this tutorial program! Repetition is KEY!!
Courtney McBride / Charlotte
Great Job, License Tutor.

Great Tutorial! While I was taking the state exam, it felt just like when I was doing the practice tests. Great Job, License Tutor. I will recommend you to any friends who take the course.
Christy Millican / Greensboro

Real Estate Tests were very helpful. Made studying enjoyable. Thanks!
Charles Reep / Cherryville
License Tutor was the key to my success!

I am very thankful for this Real Estate Exam Prep, I know it was the key to my success. It had better question and answer subject matter than any product I purchased.
Carolyn Brown / Gastonia
The License Tutor was great...

The License Tutor was great. It really prepared me for the state exam and without it I don't think I would have passed the first time.
Beth Story / Mooresville
I have told people from my class to purchase

I have told people from my class to purchase Without it, I doubt I would have passed my exam on the first try. Retake all of the exams several times, even if you score 100% on them. Be sure that you score at least in the 90's. The definition part was also a great help; many of my test questions were simple definitions.
Angela McDowell / Ellenboro
I thought it would be impossible for me to pass...

When you complete the class the instructors advise you to take the North Carolina Real Estate Test as soon as possible. I put it off for almost 6 months. I had forgotten a lot of information and thought it would be impossible for me to pass. I believe that I passed the first time due to your system. Thank you so much!
Angela Bachman / Maiden