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Ohio real estate customers are saying...

License Tutor was perfect!

This was my second time taking the Real Estate Exam. I used the study disc from Hundros Real Estate College first, because so many people said it was the best study tool. It did not help me. Some things on the test was not on the study disc. The license tutor was perfect, it allowed me the time I needed to fully prepare and I was confident that I would pass. Thank You!
Zelma Barnes / South Euclid
If you follow the guide that is prepared by license exam tutor, you should have no problem. It covers everything you will have on the test. It really helped.
Yolonda Aaron / Dayton
Thank you - I will recommend License Tutor!

My Real Estate Application got misplaced at the Real Estate Commission office. It's been 9 weeks since I finished the classes and License Tutor was my main source for studying and keeping it fresh in my head. I passed my Real Estate Exam today scoring 88% on the National portion and 97% on the State. Thank you for an excellent study tool and I will definitely recommend your service.
William Garland / Cincinnati
LicenseTutor.com was the reason I passed the first time...

I feel that licensetutor.com was the reason I passed the first time and had so much confidence going into such a stressful exam, especially on the math questions. The format and the review mode of the practice tests really drove home the point of each question. I'd highly recommend this to really prepare yourself for the exam!
Vicki Sylvestre / Mason
I passed with an 80%

I passed both state and national Real Estate Tests the first time with an 80%!!!
Trina Agosto / Cleveland
I highly recommend License Tutor. I had taken the Compu Cram exams many times and began to memorize the questions/answers. License Tutor had different questions. I especially liked the vocabulary review.
Traci Obrien / Galena
I passed on the first try!

I just wanted to say that I did pass my Real Estate Exam on the first try and I credit License Tutor with getting me prepared for the exams. You're method of exams and the schedule was perfect to get me ready and peak at the right time. I would highly recommend (and I have to others already) this Real Estate Exam Prep program to anyone before they take their test.
Thomas Gault / Middletown
Made a challenging process simple.

Thanks, made a challenging process simple.
Terry Darrow / Dallas
Awesome tool!

Awesome tool! I would suggest this program for all who are studying to take the Real Estate Exam!
Susan Heimerdinger / Lebanon
..Best $59 I've ever spent!

This was definitely the best $59 I've ever spent! Although Hondros' crammer CD was helpful, these questions were harder--and that's a GOOD thing! Not much math on the real exam though. That surprised me.
Susan Gabriel / North Olmsted
License exam tutor helped to prepare me for not only the type of questions but I was left with an hour and half to check my answers. The math questions more than prepared me for the math portion.
Sonya Razeeq / Columbus
Rodney Frye / Cincinnati
Thanks License Tutor!

I was absolutely amazed that my score on your practice final Real Estate Exam (85%) was indeed the score I received on the real exam. Coincidence? I think not! Thanks License Tutor!!
Regina Bowman / Batavia
License Tutor was helpful!
Pamela Parker / New Albany
...an investment in me!

Use this product! It will undoubtedly prepare you to take the Ohio Real Estate Exam! I'm grateful I did. It was money well-spent - an investment in me!
Pamela Palermo / North Kingsville
The License Tutor was the best money I have spent yet!! It helped me know what I needed to study instead of trying to go through the SEVEN different books I had from class.
Melanie Collier / Marysville
I passed on the first try.

I used Licensetutor instead of cram courses Hondros offered. I did all of the tests until I was testing in the 80's and 90's. The national test was more difficult than the state exam for me. I passed both Real Estate Tests on the first try. Math questions were not nearly as difficult as I imagined (only four or five total).
Marylyn Pellegrini / Dublin
...Math questions I had on the test were a breeze.

The math review gave me so much practice that math questions I had on the test were a breeze. Repeated reviews sharpened my test-taking skills. I was able to take the Ohio Real Estate Test in about half the allotted time.
Julie Ehret / Hilliard
...License Tutor did help me prepare for the exam really well.

The license exam wasn't really that difficult, however I do feel that License Tutor did help me prepare for the exam really well. They use the same types of questioning that the real exam used. It was a good tool for preparation.
Jennifer Howard / Lebanon
Loved it.

I loved License Tutor!
Jennifer Eberhard / Liberty Township
I only wish I would have done this program the first time.

I went to Hondros for the real estate classes. I took their crammer course & purchased the crammer cds. I studied them & did the practice quizzes. I failed the National 2x. Then my Broker recommended I try License Exam Tutor. I did all the practice quizzes & on day 10 took the National & passed it the first time. I only wished I would have done this program the first time. I am confident I would have passed the National Real Estate Exam had I tried this program first. I would highly recommend it for anyone that is getting ready to test.
Gina Melcher / Mason
Thank you SO much!!

Thank you so much! My Real Estate School had a CD-ROM that I used which helped very much, but your service was great because I didn't have to be tied down to one computer. Anywhere that I had Internet Access, I could study. This made a huge difference and I'm grateful because I passed my Ohio Real Estate Exam the FIRST time! I will recommend you guys to anyone else preparing for the exam. Thanks Again!
Euler Pereda / Blacklick
Other than that License Tutor is GREAT!
Eugene Pridgett / Fairborn
I would highly recommend License Tutor as an integral portion to an over all study system.
Eugene Pridgett / Fairborn
License Tutor prepared me!

License Tutor prepared me for the Real Estate National and Sales exams. When I went to take the test I was very prepared. My scores were borderline on other practice materials but after doing License Tutor I was scoring high on those tests. Consequently, my score on the National and State exams were very high. The biggest problem I ran into on exam day was concern about not being prepared. However, I was prepared. The best advice that I can give to someone preparing for the exam is to not worry and to do the License Tutor program.
Eric Langenfeld / Dublin
License Tutor helped me

I think licensetutor did help me. There were several things that we didn't cover in my classes that were covered in licensetutor and did get asked on the Real Estate Exams.
Elizabeth Turner / Reynoldsburg
A blessing!

Math section...too many math questions. I think maybe 30-40 would be plenty...but 100!!!!! Other than that, Licensetutor was a blessing.
Dianna Baker / Marysville
Well worth the price!

This really was set up well. It was a relatively painless way to study and yielded great results. It was well worth the price.
David Morris / Cincinnati
Wow! What a tool you have here!

Wow! What a Real Estate Exam test prep tool you have here. This was definitely the best money spent and the skills I was able to tune by using test after test on your program made my test day a success, the FIRST time! Thank you so much License Tutor.
Darla Krites / Wapakoneta
License Tutor helped me focus

License tutor was very helpful in getting focused on how the actual exam was given. I got a big boost in confidence especially on the math problems.
Christopher Newman / Cincinnati
License tutor was extremely helpful.
Carolyn Little / Fairborn
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Attending Hondros College, I likewise purchased their software called CompuCram which were a series of test questions. I feel your program was far more educational and more in depth as to the questions which eventually appeared on the Real Estate Test. In the last week after answering your questions with high scores all my anxiety was lifted in preparation for the test. Questions you asked which I never remember hearing in class nor were on the CompuCram I immediately wrote on flash cards to review over and over. Because of your Real Estate Exam Prep, I received a 92% on the National Exam and 90% on the State Exam. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I will always recommend your course.
Carolyn Horst / Cincinnati
License Tutor helped me tremendously

I think your program helped me tremendously.
Bryan Smith / Toronto
Guarantee you will pass!

Thanks to LicenseTutor was a great dollar well spent! I used the Hondros program and it didn't prepare me at all.. love the math portion of the course. And it helped me identify the tweaks I needed to prepare for the Ohio Real Estate Test. So to anyone wanting to take the state test just keep on reviewing the License Tutor program until your scoring in the 90's then I recommend you to take the test. Guarantee you will pass! I scored an 85 on state and 82 on the national. Thanks again LicenseTutor.com!
Amien Ghazzawneh / Westlake
The exams definitely helped me pass the exam!
Amanda Tillar / Hamilton