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Pennsylvania real estate customers are saying...

I have nothing but good things to say about License Tutor..
Wanda Tyson / Philadelphia
License Tutor makes it easy and fun!

Using makes studying for the real estate exam easy and fun. Adding the interactive quality of to the old book study routine significantly increased my attention span for the material. I wish there were a way to choose my own color scheme, that would brighten my mood and help me study. Some sound effects for right and wrong answers, but the user should be able to have a few sounds to choose from, like when you send an e-card. Wouldn't that be cool?
Victoria Weinblatt / Bethany Beach
This is an excellent tool to use in preparation for the test.
Valerie Sterling / Philadelphia
After using License tutor I was well prepared for both the national and state exam.
Tonymichael Repic / Warminster
This program is great!

This program was great, my friend gave it to me. Also over heard other people who used it telling other people to tell - people about it. THANKS
Tina Sutton / Washington (NJ)
Well worth $59

License Tutor did help me out greatly and helped me pass the first time, which less than 50 percent of the first timers ever do on the RE tests. Definitely well worth the 59 dollars and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to work in this great industry!
Thomas Howell / Norristown
This course is definitely the best thing to take before going into the exam...

This course is definitely the best thing to take before going into the exam. Best money I have spent.
Susan Masley / Columbia
Just a big thank you.
Susan Atkins / Newton
I especially like how user friendly it was...

It was excellent. I especially like how user friendly it was during the time I was enrolled.
Stacey Key-Davis / New Castle (DE)
Great Program!

Great Program!!! I spent quite a bit of time with License Tutor, printed several questions along with their illuminations and found the entire process very helpful. Put in the time and do the review and you should find test success.
Sean Brickley / Wyndmoor
This tutorial was the reason I passed the first time!

I was very apprehensive about taking the exam. I currently work in a real estate office and so many agents told me they had to take the exam more than once. This tutorial was the reason I passed the first time!
Sandra Hamburg / King of Prussia
The questions on the actual exam are similar to how LT presents them.

License Tutor was key for me as far as preparation goes. The questions on the actual exam are similar to how License Tutor presents them. I would recommend License Tutor to anyone who wants to take the salesperson exam and pass the first time.
Samantha Heller / Boyertown
Thank you - I passed on the first try!

Hi, I am happy to say I PASSED THE REAL ESTATE SALESPERSON STATE/NATIONAL EXAMS ON THE FIRST TRY!!! I want to thank you and let you know this was the best tool I used to study. I did refer a couple students in my class to license tutor which they signed for I hope it's as beneficial to them. I would use this tutorial again in the future, no doubt.
Rosie Ejabat / Latrobe
It was a great review.

This program was in true test format. I appreciated that and felt that several of the questions were ones I found on the test. It did help confidence-wise and was a great review of all areas.
Robin Sullivan / Churchville
Truly met my needs...

The tutor is laid out just like the exam. I loved the ability to start and stop the tutor at my convenience. Truly met my needs and I passed the exam the 1st time!!
Renee Williams / Landenberg
Thank you License Tutor!

Over all your program was very good and is the reason that I passed on the first attempt. Thank you Suggestions: There were several questions on the National exam on Capital Gains taxes: "how you avoid capital gains in a real estate sale". These took me by surprise. You should add these questions to your program.

Pierre Khoury / Cranberry Township
Thank you for your help!

Phillip Odenwelder / Nazareth
I only missed 3 questions on my state exam!

I only missed 3 questions on the PA Real Estate Exam. The repetition of questions and scope of info was extremely helpful. Also, the different testing formats were great. Initially I took the tests, seeing the answer after each question. As my test date arrived, I began taking the exams in the testing format in order to give me the feel the actual examination.
Paul Camacci / Norristown
I will be recommending your program...

I will be recommending your program to my other classmates who will be taking the exam shortly. I am happy to report that I just took my exam yesterday, and passed with flying colors. I do not believe I could have done it without this help as what we learned in school was not in total what was on the exam.
Patricia Burgess Brecht / Pensalem
Liked the program

I like it a lot.
Nodari Tetruashvily / Philadelphia
The best $59 I ever spent.

This license tutor was so thorough it probably is THE best $59.00 I ever spent. (Outside of the self cleaning lady bug for my pool, but then again that was $259.99). If you can follow the complete instructions on license tutor, you will not have any surprises on the state exam. Thank You!
Neftali Olmeda / Bethlehem
...This exam tutor prepared me in a very short time to pass my exam the very first attempt...

An excellent study material tool. I had completed the pre licenses course about a year ago. This exam tutor prepared me in a very short time to pass my exam the very first attempt. My investment was worth the money.
Moses James / Lansdown.

Enjoyed the process. thanks!
Mike Hall / Dallas (TX)
Thanks again!

Just wanted to say thanks. I will highly recommend your Real Estate Exam test prep tools to anyone who wishes to pass the exam at the first sitting. Thanks again!
Michael Orji / Yeadon
This program was excellent, I will and already have recommended it.
Michael Bidwell / Holland

Maryann Bruno / Newtown Square
Thank you, License Tutor!
Mary Miller / Girardville
Great product!!

Great Product!!! I signed up for your course on Friday Morning, Passed the State and National Real Estate Exams 26 hours later!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
Marlon Yanga / Philadephia
I recommended your site to an instructor

Thanks for helping me pass my boards. I thought I was knowledgeable after my state class, but didn't feel quite up to the boards until I finished the tutorial. You definitely helped me pass the grade. (I even ended up recommending your Real Estate Exam test prep tools to the instructor at the site for those who were still needing that final help!) Thanks once again!
Margie Firment / Latrobe
My history with test taking was very poor...

Take all of the tests and follow the plan. My history with test taking was very poor, but with this software I soared through both tests and easily passed the first time!
Margaret Evans / Glen Mills
I passed with a 90%!

I didn't think I could pass on the first try but I did!! I got 90% on both parts of the test and I did it in one hour.
Lisa McCullough / Aldan
License Tutor definitely helped me prepare for the State & National Tests in knowing what type of questions would be asked. When doing the State portion of the test more emphasis on the regulations of licensee conduct. Most of the questions are from that section of the book. Nationals are right on with your program. I recommend using the exam mode and learn why the answers are what they are. Wording on the exams are different from License Tutor so be careful and read carefully before you answer. I passed the 1st time out with 77 on the State and 84 on Nationals. Lower than I hoped for but passing since I do not do well with test taking. Recommend License Tutor as a great study tool. I recommended it to my entire real estate class.
Linda Smith / Bradenville
I scored 100% on state and 93.7% on national!

I scored 100% on the P.A. and 93.7% on Nationals. This was on my first try!
Lawrence Smith / New Kensington
Sign up today!!! It's worth every penny!

I am a perfect example of a PROCRASTONATOR! I waited to register with until Monday 7/30. My test was scheduled for Friday 8/3. Well all I can say is I passed and it was pretty easy! I thought I was going to be able to read the books I got during Real Estate School. That was not the same as being in an actual test situation like with Stop visiting the site thinking I'll sign up later! Sign up today!!! It's worth every penny!
LauraAnn Holzworth / Levittown
Thank you License Tutor!

Thank you license tutor, your content is great. I took my Pa real estate sales person licensing exam today and passed it first time out the gate. The proctor said that I got the highest number of questions right of all the students taking the exam today. I went into the exam very confident, I don't remember the last time I took a test I was sure I was going to pass. There were several students that had already taken the tests once and failed; they should have found your site. License tutor helped me study the material in the manner the test would be presented. I was familiar with the wording of the questions and was very quick at answering them. It was well worth the $59.00 fee. Thanks again.
Kelly Miller / Lancaster
I 1 hr. and 15 min.

On the day of the EXAM I actually took the License Exam Tutor Final Exam (1 day left). I printed the results so I could study if I got to the exam site early, which I did. Before taking the State and National Exams, I turned over the results to the administer of the Exams. While I was taking the Exam, he looked through the results from your website. When I finished (and passed!!!), he first complimented me in the speed I finished both Exams (1hr 15min). He also RAVED about the information in my notes. He actually wrote your website down and said he would recommend it to other test takers.
Kelly Lesesne / Philadelphia
I passed on the first try!

I only used this web site for 5 or 6 days, I didn't even take all of the tests offered and I still passed the state exam on the first try!
Karen Cmar / Derry
Being able to retake each section was very helpful to me. The course was very helpful in giving me the confidence to pass my exam. I was given 1hour to pass the PA portion of the exam, I finished it in 18 minutes. the national portion, I was given 2hours and finished in 38 minutes and got a 91%. This course was worth every penny. Thank you for providing this service.
Joseph Humphrey / Elysburg
Well worth the investment.

This was well worth the investment and I would recommend this to others taking the PA real estate salesperson exam.
Joni Naugle / Reading
License Tutor is fantastic!

I am writing to let you know I passed the Pennsylvania State and National Real Estate Test, thanks to "License Tutor!" The program was fantastic and prepares you for the test questions. Additionally, it gives you the insight what to look for in each question as well as the explanations after you have answered each question. Thank you!
Jon Jean / Montoursville
This is the best investment I made to help me take the test. There was a number of question that were on the tutor that we did not cover in class
John Watts / Willow Grove
I told three other fellow students about License Tutor

I want to thank license tutor. It helped me with out a doubt. I told 3 other fellow students about my success with the program and they are now using it. Thank You License Tutor Associates
John Partyka / Scranton

System worked for me. Thanks!
John Male / Saylorsburg
..Great tool for my passing the first time. Thanks!

I had put off taking the test for almost a month because I felt that I was overwhelmed with an abundance of information. I wanted to know everything, but its not how much you know, its WHAT you need to know and License Tutor helped me figure out exactly what I needed to know. It was a great tool for my passing the first time. Thanks!
John Kramer / Glenolden
I enjoyed seeing my results on this site improve day by day !!!!
John English / Conshohocken
I would not have passed my exam the first time without License Tutor

Thank you so much! My classes were a good backbone for information, but I can honestly say that I would not have passed my exam the first time if it weren't for License Tutor! Another satisfied customer!
John Czech / Wilmington (DE)

Jodi Clark / Harrisburg
I'm so thankful for your service!

I felt very prepared with the State portion of my exam (PA). I did not feel I was fully prepared for the National Real Estate Exam. The National exam was different from the questions on your website. Your National exam questions were MUCH easier than the exam questions I took. I believe and know that I would of NEVER passed my Real Estate the first time if it wasn't for your website and was cheaper than taking the exam prep course at my school. I was able to review at my own pace and retake a quiz. I do not do well with learning from someone speaking but do much better at my own pace and on the computer. I LOVED the idea that you guarantee your money back if you do not pass your state exam the first time. I felt more relaxed going into the exam and didn't feel as I had pressure to pass. I knew that if I didn't pass the first time, I would get money for failing...hehehehe...but it helped me and I'm so thankful for your service.
Jennifer Hixon / Hummelstown
...helped me get my dream job!

The license tutor program helped me get my dream job. Thank You.
Jeffrey Kauffman / York
Thank you License Tutor!

Thank you License Tutor - I passed both parts of the Pennsylvania Real Estate Exam today.
Jeff George / Chambersberg
...I finished the state exam in 18 minutes!

I COULD NOT have passed the first time with out! I have always been a horrible test taker, and I finished the state exam in 18 minutes! helped me get into test taking mode and I thought of the exam as just another licensetutor test! I owe it all to!
Jaclyn Reilly / Stroudsburg
Thank You!!!!
Helene Duchaussoy / Lansdale
I would recommend License Tutor to anyone taking the exam

I scored 80% on the state section and 87.5% on the federal section. After using License Exam Tutor I knew going in that I would get scores like this. It gave me total confidence in my ability to pass the Real Estate Test. I would recommend License Exam Tutor to anyone looking to take this or similar exams.
Gregory Armstrong / Lancaster
Highly recommend this service.

License Tutor is a valuable tool for taking this exam. I decided to try this after failing the exam the 1st time. The second time was so much easier and thanks to License Tutor I was better prepared and felt confident before taking the test. Highly recommend this service.
Gina Pasilong / Narberth
The site was invaluable in helping to pass the exam on the first try.
Geraldine Paull / Newton
I did pass...

Thank you so much for being there. I did pass the test on 09/06/2007. I think this course should be introduced across the real estate school board. This class really helped me prepare for the test. Many people do not know about this web site. May be you can find a way to get this into school, then the real estate students would not fail on their first or second time.
Frances Garrison / Philadelphia
Thank you!

It was the illuminations, I think, that helped the most! I never would have been able to pass the test(s) without this program. Thank you!
Erika Patterson / Chambersburg
I aced the PA exam!

Just wanted to tell you what a great help LicenseTutor was - I aced the PA Real Estate Exam today! Woohoo!
Ellyn Adler / Wynnewood
I really liked the explanations in the review mode.
Elizabeth Reese / Hummelstown
...I would encourage others to invest in this.

The tutor helped me passed and I would encourage others to invest in this. Thank you. I am now employed by a broker in Allentown.
Elizabeth Martinez / Allentown
The Exam Tutor is definitely worth the $59.

The Exam Tutor is definitely worth the $59. It was what I feel really helped me to pass the exam on the first try. The forum of the tutor simulated the actual exam allowing me to be more relaxed and confident when taking the exam. The questions on the exam tutor were probably even a little harder than those on the actual exam. I'd recommend the course to anyone.
Elaine Bender / Mifflintown
The tutor really helped a lot. It not only helped with the knowledge aspect but the way the test is set up. I was very comfortable with the exam because the layout was familiar.
Earl Bunnell / Long Pond
Thanks so much!!

Many of the questions were similar to the ones on the exam. There were 2 questions on capital gains taxes that I was not questioned on through License Tutor. The math section on License Tutor was much more in depth than the questions that were asked on the test. Several students did not pass the test and I suggested that they use License Tutor!!!! Thanks so much!!
Denise Otterbein-Cable / Dover would not have been so easy for me if it was not for...License Tutor.

I breezed through my test and passed the first time. I know it would not have been so easy for me if it was not for all the preparing I did with the License Tutor. It really showed me what to expect on the actual test. Math is not my thing, on my exam I got every single math question correct!! This was by far the best investment for my career. The test proctor could not believe I finished a three hour test in one hour and passed. Thanks License Tutor!!!
Debra Chaitin / Stroudsburg
This program contributed greatly to my successfully passing the test the first time.
Debbie Bennett-Vidaure / Langhorne
Your system really works!

Thank you!!!! I passed on my first try, your system really worked. Most of the concepts was the same as on the PSI test, but the questions was worded differently. I took all of your tests except the math ones. Since it was only five math questions I did not waste my time on the math test and it worked out for me. I WILL REFER YOUR SYSTEM TO EVERYONE THAT I KNOW WHO'S TAKING THE TEST. AND IN THE FUTURE
Dana Garner Sr. / Deptford
It took me no time to pass

Dan Duncan / Avondale
Passed the first time, thanks!
Christopher Thude / Philadelphia
It really helped.

This site had the best questions for the exam. It really helped a lot with National Exam.
Christopher Orth Jr. / Southampton
Advice for new agents

I found your site from message board under advice for new agents. It may be worth having someone go on there and post some comments about how useful this product is. Maybe offer a practice test of 10 questions so that people may get a feel for the system. Additionally it would be great if you could combine all the wrong answer questions into a review test to review before the big day. Also have you ever though of starting your own message board, the profits generated from the board would outweigh the cost. Just my random thoughts.
Christopher Kirk / Boothwyn
...Your program really fine tuned this info!!

Thank You!! Hadn't had the classes for 2 years so your program really fine tuned this info!!
Christine Deerin-Fix / York
I'm very pleased with License Tutor!

I'm very pleased, I don't believe I would have passed the Real Estate Exam the first time, without License Tutor. The questions on License Tutor are almost exactly as those I saw on the exam.
Chris Hepfer / Chambersberg
The best $59 I have ever spent.

I know that I wouldn't have passed the exam on the first try if I hadn't used this practice exam. It really was the best fifty nine dollars that I have ever spent!!!! I would recommend it for everyone.
Casey LeBarron / Bensalem
Great learning tool!

Although, I was really exhausted from cramming so much in such few days, I sure am glad I did take this tutor system for without it, I really don't think I would have passed. Thank you so much for this great learning tool.
Carol Marraccini / Clariton
I did pass...on my first try!

This course was very helpful and I did pass with a 90 on my first try. It was worth the money and time that I invested in the system.
Carmen Patterson / Bethlehem
The best tool EVER!

Carla Brown / Ardmore
...I was so lost in my education courses but with LicenseTutor''s practice mode I was confident and passed my exams...

Where do I begin...I was so lost in my education courses but with LicenseTutor''s practice mode I was confident and passed my exams on the FIRST TIME, pretty neat for someone who has never dreamed of becoming an agent - I am really a licensed Sales person.
Carla Brown / Ardmore
The best $59 I invested!

This Exam Tutor was TRULY the best $59 I invested. I wished I only started it sooner than I did. It helped me learn how the questions were going to be asked and how to spot the trick questions. On some of the math questions it was hard to figure out how License Tutor came up with the answers. It would have been better if the explanations were more detailed, and were step by step. I also found the dictionary very helpful. The definitions were put in simple language and made it easier to remember. Bottom line.....I was very happy with License Tutor and have already recommended it to a friend of mine who will be taking her state exam in AZ in about a month.
Camille Kelleher / Fairfield
Thanks - you saved me a lot of time and money!

I want to thank you for the fantastic Real Estate Exam Prep program you have. I took my test today and passed without a problem. Twenty-seven years ago, I took my educational requirements and passed the test. I went in to Real Estate and stayed until the interest rates went sky high and I couldn't support my family. I enjoyed the business so much and I decided that it was time to go back in at the ripe old age of 52. I was told by many that I would not be able to pass the Real Estate Test without going back to the classes. Well, I found you guys and within two weeks I was ready and proved them wrong. Thanks again, you saved me a lot of time and money. I will always recommend your service.
Bruce Jordan / Morgantown
Great help!

Great Help. Would not have passed without your test help.
Bob Eckert / Langhorne kept reinforcing the training from the classes.

License Tutor was the best investment I made. Because of the delay time in getting approved to actually schedule the exam, every night I took one of the practice exams because it kept reinforcing the training from the classes. Taking the exams using the review mode was great because of the illumination section--it explained why the answer was correct and kept reinforcing the material we needed to know--not just for the exam. THANK YOU!
Barbara Colburn / Harrisburg
Great Program!!

License Exam Tutor is fantastic. I followed the program, took the sample exams over and over, and used the review mode to let all the knowledge soak in. I passed the Real Estate State and the National Tests on the first try. Great program!!!
Anthony Bonamico / East Norriton
Exceptionally easy to use

License Tutor was an exceptionally easy tool for me to use. It was the ONLY studying tool I used, but I made sure that I completed each test to 100%! If you know the answers on License Tutor you will pass the Pennsylvania Real Estate Exam -- No PROBLEMS!!
Anne Marcel Burkitt / Collegeville
The License Tutor helped me feel prepared...

The License Tutor helped me feel prepared to take my test and pass it on the first try.
Angela Duda / Arnold
I passed both the national and state exam the first time around. I really think license tutor had a lot to do with that! Thank you License Tutor!!!
Angela Burns / Chalfant
It really did help.

I was very nervous about taking the exam. The broker who I planned on working for told me about I am sooo glad he did! It really did help! I took all of the pre-tests and finals along with the math and definitions. I re-tested on the ones I got wrong, which was a big help. That was the best thing about this student Forum, you could take them over & over as many times as you needed. It was a really great help & I definitely recommend it to anyone! If you can pass on the amount of questions used in this forum than you can definitely pass your state & national exam!
Amy Churchman / Waynesboro
Sign up with!
Amy Bennett / Greencastle
Passed with no problems!

I signed up for the License Exam Tutor the night before I took the exam and I am so happy that I did!!! I passed my Real Estate Exam with no problems. The wording of your question was very similar to the way the exam was presented. Thanks again!!!
Adrienne Cox / Collegeville