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Thank you
Woo Kim / Flower Mound
License Tutor was a big help for me.

I passed the national part the first time and failed the start part by one question went back in two days and passed. License Tutor was a big help for me. Thanks.
Willie Hibbard / Oakwood

William Higgins / Alvin
I passed with over 80%!

I did not pass the test the first time, but after I took this course I passed with a average of over 80% on both parts for the state of Texas.
William Green / Spring
The test was not that hard at all.

The test was not that hard at all. Every body is just trying to scare you, but to me the test was very easy. Just get a goodnight's sleep, eat right and try to stay relaxed. And don't forget to do all the questions on licensetutor.com. It helped me a lot.
Usman Toor / Houston

Thanks I passed and I took the TX state portion in 10 minutes and the National in 39.
Tricia Henkel / Willis
I will recommend your program to others!

I will definitely recommend your program to other friends preparing for the exam.
Terry Penn / Southlake
It really helped me to view the contents of questions in different ways.

The License Exam Tutor helped me pass the test the first. I only studied for about 30 days or less. It really helped me to view the contents of questions in different ways. I would recommend this to everyone that are going to take their test any time soon. Thank You.
Tena Scott / Amarillo
You guys were terrific!

Don't change anything you guys were terrific!
Sin Ming Yu / Sugar Land
It guides you to what you need to know for the test.

Highly recommend this Real Estate Exam Prep course, I know I would not have passed the Texas Real Estate Exam had I not taken it. Specifically guides you to what you need to know for the test.
Sherry Buckner / Dickinson
This was the best money I have ever spent.

When I saw the word PASS on my state test, I couldn't''t believe my eyes. THANK YOU SO MUCH License Tutor. This was the best money I have ever spent. My husband and I both passed first time!! License tutor gave me the confidence to go and take the test. WE PASSED!!! Again, thank you!
Shannon Clement / League City
The Best in Real Estate!

I Love You, Thank You Guys, I will Tell all My friends. Its The Best In Real-Estate.
Shafiq Younes / Flower Mound
I give this program an A+++++.

I am really pleased with this program. When I got to the test it seemed so easy after the questions and answers I did on this tutorial. I give this program an A+++++. Thank you so much for your help.
Sabrina McNally / San Antonio
I would recommend License Tutor to anyone!

I had to take it 2 times but I passed on the second time. I was very satisfied with the License Exam Tutor and would recommend it to anyone who needs to pass the test. I think the test is perfect and don't really see how you could improve it in any way unless something new comes out for the real estate courses and then you could upgrade your test. I think my math was why I didn't pass the first time. Thank you.
Ruth VanDruska / Rowlett
It will help you pass the very first time!

What I liked best was the definitions because if you know them all you will be able to answer the questions better. I like being able to retake the test as many times as you need to make sure that you know everything. I just really suggest that everyone who is taking the test to take this course. It will help them to pass the very first time.
Renee Parsons / Lubbock
Excellent preparation material! Keep taking each section until you score at least 80% and you will pass on the first try. I passed my examination easily because of License Exam Tutor! Real value for $59.00!
Randy Peets / Midland
Buy License Tutor!

I think everyone should buy License Tutor instead of a pre-exam prep course. It is cheaper and much better!
Rachel Kleas / Houston
I will tell everyone I know to use Tutor!

I passed!!! I will tell everyone I know that's planning on getting their real estate license to use this as a study guide. I took the majority of my classes over 6 months ago and needed a refresher and License Tutor helped me tremendously.
Princess Gresham / Irving
I just took my test...and I passed it the first time in only an hour.

I just took my test on February 10th and I passed it the first time in only an hour. I used this resource and I feel it really prepared me for the exam.
Patricia Gondeck / Austin
Thank you License Tutor for saving my sanity!

This has to be the best $59 I have ever spent! I am the ONLY person in my office to have passed the test on the first try! I have and will continue to recommend this program to everyone I know. My only suggestion is MORE STATE prep! Thank you License Tutor for saving my sanity!
Natasha Sims / Odessa
I passed with flying colors!

License Tutor helped me pass the test. There were four other students taking the test and they ALL failed. I spoke to one student that failed and she told me that the test was so hard she ran out of time. I had time left over however I went back and reviewed my answers. I recommend License Tutor! Thank you! It felt so great to walk out and have the attendant say, "Congratulations you passed with flying colors!"
Myra Dennis / McAllen
I am a believer!

I Just passed my broker exam! I am a believer. I took the exam tutor before taking my test and I tell you I am very glad I did. I passed my test the first time just as you had guaranteed. I will no doubt tell every one I know that they should definitely sing up before taking their test. Again thank you. I am a believer!!!
Mike Jefferson / Alief
I would have never passed without License Tutor!

This is an excellent program. I had not taken a real estate class in four years and I came across the license tutor while searching the internet. This program was the best money I invested, I had nothing to lose. I passed my test the first time and it seemed very easy. The review mode explains the questions and the answers in a way that makes sense. I would have never passed if it had not been for the license tutor.
Michelle Jones / Laredo
I will tell others!

I failed the exam 4 times before taking your course. I passed the Real Estate Exam on the first time. The Real Estate Exam prep tools work just like it advertised... good job. I will tell others
Michael Wilson / San Antonio
WOW!!!!! I can not TELL you how much this helped me in my studies!! I took my classes by correspondence so I wasn't always sure I was focusing on the most important content. License Tutor helped me stay focused on the materials I NEEDED! After I finished my courses, I spent about a month just taking and re-taking your tests, and by the time I attended my school's crash course for taking the Real Estate Test, I was so familiar, I almost didn't need it. I made a 96 on the National portion and a 90 on the state portion. You are the BEST!! Kathryn H
Mary Harris / Bedford
Wonderful tool!

This program really helped with detailed questions and how the state exam would be presented. The price was very low, the number of exams, and the different ways to practice for the exam were great! I really liked getting the instant feedback when I answered a question incorrectly as well as why the other answers were not correct. A wonderful tool.....and I passed the first time.
Martha Ross / Carrollton
I made a 95% on the national section and an 85% on the state. This was higher than I ever expected and I credit my preparation with this course for these numbers...I am so thankful I discovered this internet prep course. It was outstanding and I highly recommend it! Thank You!
Marsha Gayle / Colleyville
I could have not passed the Real Estate Exam successfully without the help of License Tutor. Now I can start my new career. Thank You!
Margaret Anspach / Manvel
By using License Tutor, I was completely prepared. My tests on the tutor program were harder than the actual test. I passed!! Woooooooo Hoooooooo
Lynell Dominiguez / El Paso
I'm glad I enrolled in the License Tutor Exam program. It was one of many resources that I used to pass the exams. I passed both exams the first attempt.
Linda White / Plantersville
The most powerful tool...is the explanation of the answer.

The most powerful tool, in my opinion, that examTutor offers is the explanation of the answer. I took other tests that did not have that feature and you more or less had to memorize the answer...there was no reason given for the correct answer.
Linda Watson / Port Arthur
This was the most important $59 I have ever spent! Don't worry about the math questions. Just read the questions carefully
LeeAnn Montgomery / Dalhart

I was very confident about passing the test the 1st time, and I did!!!! License Tutor is the best tutor out there, my broker just got her broker's license about 4 months ago, and her husband his salesperson license, and both bought another online tutor and neither passed on the 1st time, they had to go a 2nd time. They were shocked when I told them I passed. They studied for weeks, and I studied for 11 days and I PASSED MY 1st TIME!! LicenseTutor is the best out there, I did get 2 questions that I had never seen and knew nothing about, but License Tutor taught me how to eliminate the wrong answers and I think that's what really helped.
Laura Vega / Laredo
Best investment I could have made.

License Tutor really helped. Best investment I could have made. I have already referred you to other students I know.
Laura Rowell / Spring Branch
The repetition helped me

Repetition of the different tests helped me to better understand and remember the different subject areas.
Larry Scrivner / Pflugerville
Passed the first time!

Was extremely helpful. Passed the exam first time. Excellent program for the money. Was very helpful with math questions. Took the tests over and over. Only missed 8 questions out of 110 Not too shabby. Thanks again
Kimberly Kilgore / Santa Fe
I am so grateful for License Tutor!! I passed on the first time. However, the content, especially on the state portion, was not covered. Fortunately, License Tutor taught me how to eliminate most answers to choose the "best guess".
Kimberly Bramlett / Austin
This is an awesome tool to use for passing the state/national test. I will recommend this tutorial to my other friends for their real estate test needs.
Kim Rash / Wylie
License Tutor paid off big time!

Thanks for your help.  You have the best online Real Estate Exam Prep course.  I passed the Texas Real Estate Sales Exam the first time!  I followed your system exactly, and it paid off big time.
Kevin Rogers / Arlington
I felt confident!

License Exam Tutor was very good. The math exam was great. The final exams were good practice for my state exam. I felt confident I could pass the first time. Most of the state specific portion of my exam had questions and material that was new to me. However, I passed. I will recommend your Real Estate Exam test prep tools to others.
Kenney Williams / Kerrville
Well worth the money

It was well worth the money and helped me pass on the first try. Thank you so much!
Kecia Haseman / Spring
I gave your web site to those who did not pass!

Once I completed my exam and received my score--I gladly gave your web site to those who did not pass the exam! I explained that the price was right! The material was perfect to be able to pass with confidence! I am very thankful for your help!
Katherine Cailteaux / Elkhart
It was so much easier to understand.

I would highly recommend License Tutor to anyone. After failing my national test 4 times, this exam would have helped me pass the FIRST time . It was so much easier to understand. I know so much more from this exam than I learned in class.
Karin Windham / Diana
License Tutor did help me realize what I knew and what I did not. And gave me better understanding on some of the materials I did not understand very well.
Jose Olvera / Brownsville
All in all was a good learning tool.
Jose Corpus / San Antonio
Great service!

Thanks for your help - you offer a great service.
John Hutchens / Houston
I would recommend this program for every student!

I would recommend that every student buy this tutorial before they go to take the Core Real Estate preparation courses. This Real Estate Exam Prep was much more helpful than anything that the Allied Group has for you. And they are the ones giving the Core Courses online.
John Hilgers / Dripping Springs
I am thrilled with the results!

Before signing up for LicenseTutor.com, I took a practice Real Estate Exam from a textbook. I got 84% on the national portion, well above the 70% needed to pass, but I got a disheartening 56% on the Texas portion. I followed LicenseTutor.com's pacing suggestions and, though I was still nervous, felt much more confident when I went to the testing center. Little did I realize how WELL prepared I was--when I finished the Real Estate Test, the exam proctor exclaimed, I have never seen someone who got 100% on the national portion of the test! That's right--I aced it! And I got 90% on the Texas Real Estate Exam. Thank you so much, LicenseTutor.com! Now, onward to my career in real estate. I am thrilled with the results!
Jenel Looney / Georgetown
Licensetutor.com definitely gave me the confidence to pass the first time.

Licensetutor.com definitely gave me the confidence to pass the first time. Going into the test, I was not nervous or apprehensive at all. Other individuals that sat for the test the day as I were nervous and ill prepared, as a result, some of them did not pass the first time. Thanks.
Jeffrey A Gilbert / Pinehurst
License tutor was by far the greatest set up in a course that I have ever taken online or classroom.
Jeff Jones / Pflugerville
Thank You so Much!

This is absolutely a great way to prepare for the Real Estate Exams. It was also fun and easy to use. I loved the illuminations. Thank You so Much.
Jeanie Berry / Houston
You will PASS

Commit to following through on all the tests and master them until you can get 100% on each one and you will PASS
James Martinson / Leander
...This prep exam gave me the kind of drill I needed to boost my confidence.

My broker had said to me the best way to learn is to drill, drill, drill. This prep exam gave me the kind of drill I needed to boost my confidence.
Ivan Enriquez / Austin
License Tutor was the greatest thing I could have done!

It was the greatest thing I could've done to prepare for the Texas Real Estate Exam. I took the test twice before I got the program, and was stumped on how to study for the third time because I felt like I had already done everything possible to prepare myself. I took the program challenge and I thank you so much for having this program available.
Heather Fey / New Braunfels

I am 62 years old and felt very insecure about taking the Texas Real Estate Exam. I signed up for the "License Exam Tutor" a month before taking the Exam. I followed the directions to the letter and ended by taking the final practice exam one day before the State Exam. YOU ARE RIGHT,,,,IT WORKS,,,I PASSED THE FIRST TIME! Thanks a million and I will be recommending your web site to all my friends. By the way, if any of you need a house in Amarillo, Texas,,,,give me a call, because I'm now a certified Texas Real Estate Agent.
Harry Keaton / Amarillo
...without the help of the tutor exam I probably would not have done as well.

It helped me to understand the format of the questions better. The License Tutor format was challenging, which made me understand the reasoning of the questions no matter how the format of the test was presented. However there were some questions that I had not seen before, but I think without the help of the tutor exam I probably would not have done as well. I have used other pretest exams on the web and they were not as helpful as yours. I would recommend the tutor exam to anyone. Thank you.
Harritte Beasley / San Antonio
Thank you!

I failed the exam 5 times -studied your course -passed 1st time --thank you !
Harold Gann / Conroe
...License Tutor did well...

I think the License Tutor did well in preparing me for the national portion of the Real Estate Exam - I only missed a couple.
Greg Henderson / Austin
Excellent program. You are missing out by not offering this type of program in other fields. Such as Texas Teacher Exam or CNA testing.
Genevieve Scott / Carrollton
Great Program!!

Great program, will recommend
Francisco Hernandez / Montgomery

I took my Texas Real Estate Test this morning and guess what? "I PASSED" This is a good tool in preparing for the exam. The best investment to start my career. Thank you.
Fikisha Brooks / Houston
Thank you and God bless you.
Eslyt Gomez / Austin
..Passed with flying colors

I had already taken the State & National Test once and failed National even though I had studied what the school had given me and what I was able to download from the state. After failing I was going to take a 3 day local course for $120. For $59 I was able to repeatedly take the mock test at my convenience over a course of several days. I passed with flying colors. I wish I had signed up earlier!!!!!
Emma Arrington / Houston
I think your tutorial is excellent.

I very seldom find training materials excellent. But I think you're tutorial is. I doubt I would have passed the exam without it - and yesterday I passed with 93.6% average on the first try. Your money-backed guarantee convinced me to spend the money in the first place without seeing your product. Good job!
Elaine Zubiaga / Carrollton
License Tutor was GREAT and I'm very happy I spent the $59 bucks
Edward Walter / Lewisville
Thanks a lot!
Eduardo Ferrer / Saginaw
The best $59 I ever spent!

License Tutor helped me more with taking the test than the actual classes. This truly was the best $59 I ever spent and I will recommend this program to any and all people that I find are getting their real estate license.
Derek Goodson / Irving
License Tutor was fantastic!

I thought your course was fantastic. It definitely helped me through the entire exam process. I felt very prepared, and passed my exam on the 1st try. This truly was the best money I ever could have spent.
Deborah Kral / Sugar Land
It's the best $59 you will ever invest in your real estate career!

Register for license exam tutor. It's the best $59 you will ever invest in your real estate career. I passed my Real Estate Exam on my first try, and I highly recommend license exam tutor to anyone who is taking their real estate test for the first time.
David Hrncir / Tomball
Your program is a must if you want to pass the first time. Thank you.
Cristian Cretu / Spring
It provided endurance for the final exam.

I loved the way this tutor tested over and over so that it was easier to recall during the final exam. It provided endurance for the final exam. Thank you!
Cordelia Wright / Laredo
Purchase this!!!!
Cne' Hemby / McKinney
It gave me confidence!

It gave me the confidence to know that I had done my utmost to pass the test the first time.
Cleo Ceeney / Katy
I loved it!

This program helped me pass the RE exam the first time, I had other various programs that I was using to prep for the test, but this one was the closest to what actually was on the test. Math is not my strongest attribute, but there was only a few math questions and this program definitely prepared me for this. I ordered this program one day before my scheduled exam and I crammed it. The way all the answers were explained so easy to remember, I loved it. It really helped me. Thank you guys. My advice to the students is to make sure you take these test in review mode and then take all the tests until you score a 80% or better, and you will pass.
Cindy Erovick / Aubrey
Helped prepare me for the test taking process

I did like the fact that the License Tutor helped to prepare me for the test taking process.
Christina Myers / Flower Mound
Thanks a lot, this program helped me so much. I honestly don't think I could of passed my first time without.
Chris Ramirez / Amarillo
Great course!

Chris Espinosa / El Paso
Thank you - I passed with flying colors

Thank you very much! I have passed the Real Estate Exam with flying colors.
Cheryl Bennett / Waco
I don't think I would have passed the BIG exam...

I was pleased with the License Exam Tutor. I attended a great school. But I don't think I would have passed the BIG exam had a friend not suggested I take your on-line practice tests. Thank you!
Cherie Kay George / Houston
License tutor was the best help I had for passing the exam on the first try. I did use other books and tests and feel that I needed all of them to do well. I don't know that any one source was complete. I flew through the test and made a very good score.
Brenda Clark / League City
The best $59 I spent!

I used another pre-exam book with a disk, and took the test and didn't past the national part of the exam. So I got the License Tutor and it gave me question in the form that it was asked on the exam. It was the best $59 dollars I spent.
Brenda Bryant / Longview
I am already recommending Licensetutor.com!

I got very nervous before taking my test, because there were only 2 of us out of many who were taking our test for the first time. The others waiting to take their test were on their 2nd and 3rd takes. I questioned who they took their classes and prep class through, and none of them used the same place I did. And none of them used License Tutor. I told them who I used and they said they were going to try it if they failed again this time. I went in and passed with missing only a few questions and with a lot of time left over!! I would have liked LicenseTutor to have a mock exam with a timer like when you take the real one. The timer is the nerve racker. I am already recommending Licensetutor.com !!
Bobbie Richardson / Livingston
An excellent value.

License Tutor was an excellent value. It taught me things I never got from my text books. Take all the exams over and over. I passed the first time!
April Hymes / Krum
I think the exam prep was great! The illuminations were extra helpful because they went into greater depth of why or why not your answer was correct, or wrong. It really prepared me well for the exam. The only thing is that the State portion was not as detailed as the exam itself.
Anna Uliassi / Austin (IL)
License Tutor is great. I am glad that someone told me about it!
Angela de la Rosa / Dallas
..Good Investment..

Licensetutor.com is a good investment of your time and money. It definitely helped me prep for the exam.
Andy Holmes / Abilene
License Tutor was very helpful on the National Exam.
Andrea Turner / Houston
...but all in all, this prep course was SUPER helpful!!...

More info on contracts would be great, but all in all, this prep course was SUPER helpful!! Thanks!
Andrea Hubbard / Graford
The questions on the exam are very similar to the Exam Tutor.
Amanda Breckenridge / Melissa