Virginia Real Estate License Exam Prep Reviews

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Virginia real estate customers are saying...

The practice exams were right on target.

The License Exam Tutor is absolutely fantastic. As evidenced by their guarantee, I passed my real estate exam the first time, and with lots of time to spare. It was the perfect tool to reinforce everything I learned in my formal pre-licensing course, both the national and state exam. The practice exams were right on target.
Winnie Fuentes / Alexandria
I now have a Virginia Real Estate License!

Thank you for your assistance. I have completed the licensing process for Virginia and now have my Virginia Real Estate License.
Thomas Horton / Leesburg
Extremely helpful!

I wanted to first of all thank you for this program. It was extremely helpful! I did pass my Virginia Real Estate Test today! Thanks!
Theresa DeSheilds / Woodbridge
Thank you!

I thank you for this program I would recommend to anyone preparing for the Virginia Real Estate Exam.
Shannette DeVois / Woodbridge
I will continue to recommend License Tutor!

I believe that License Tutor was, without a doubt, the main reason that I was able to pass my Real Estate Exam. I have already recommended it to several other candidates (some of who have failed several times) and will continue to recommend the Real Estate Exam test prep tools. Above all else was the availability of the questions-Anytime, Day or Night-to access your test questions and answers. The "Illumination" was very helpful as well as the countdown and the pace of the tests. Thanks again!
Romi Bawar / Springfield
I passed without any problem.

Excellent. Helped me a lot. I passed my state Real Estate Exam in very first attempt without any problem.
Muhammad Bashir / Alexandria
I really felt like a pro...

License Tutor was absolutely perfect. I wish I had signed up for it before my final course exam. It really helped me remember main points and eased my nerves before the exam. I really felt like a pro by the time I went into the Real Estate Exam!!
Melba Boyd / Collinsville
License Tutor greatly helped me!

Although I did not pass my first time, I was able to pass the next time I took it a few days later, largely based on the knowledge I got from the Tutor (I only failed my first time by 2 questions). The Tutor did, though, greatly help me with the math problems, which was my weakest point. It helped me a lot in the long run.
Matthew Anderson / Stafford
It really helped.

I took all the exams within 3 days of taking the licensing test and I think drilling myself that close to the actual Real Estate Exam test prep tools really helped. All the info was top of mind!
Mary Catharine Kolbert / Richmond
Marta Oyhenart / Fairfax Station
You are the best!

I passed the PSI exam on the first try!! Thanks to License Tutor! You gave me the practice and the confidence I needed. You guys are the best, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Thank You
Lorinda Ward / Norfolk
It gave me confidence!

Using this on-line system in addition to the classroom training was the right amount of preparation for passing the exam. It also gave me the right amount of confidence during the Real Estate Test.
Linda Wooden / Fredericksburg

Have already recommended to lots of people! I passed the first time with no problem. Thanks!
Kelly Webb / Berryville
An excellent study tool.

I passed both the state and national portions of the Real Estate Exam. The license tutor was an excellent study tool. It helped to give focus in key areas otherwise I would have been shooting in the dark. The license tutor shined a light on what was important and enabled me to be successful! Highly recommended!!
Kelly Martin / Front Royal
...Thanks to License Tutor, I finished in 13 minutes, and passed!

I had 45 minutes to answer 45 questions. Thanks to License Tutor, I finished in 13 minutes, and passed!
Jan Brito / Bethesda (MD)
Thank you - I passed on the first try!

Thank-you. I passed both portions of the Virginia Real Estate Salesman Exam the first try.
James Fauber / Staunton
This was the best prep I could have done! I was able to complete all of the tests/quizzes in a short time frame and felt more than prepared for my state exam. I completed it in 70 minutes and passed with no problem. I highly recommend this program to all prospective agents.
Donna Callis / West Point
You have my recommendation. Thanks!!!
Crystal Garcia-Moreyra / Manassas
License Tutor gave me confidence!

I felt this system helped give me confidence to take the State and National Real Estate Exams.
Carla McNally / Chesterfield
Thank you!

This was a great way to learn how to take tests. I hate written exams, and this really helped. Thank you.
Angel Theriault / Sterling