How License Exam Tutor Can Guarantee Your Success

Your Real Estate License Exam Tutor instructor team was the first in the U.S. to offer online-only training and testing to individual states. We’re also one of the first online training tools to have our online systems and courses ARELLO approved, and since 1997, the only team who has consistently reported the highest first time real estate exam pass rates over all other providers by state real estate boards.

So, why do so many students have success with the License Exam Tutor program? See the ways our learning advantages surpass other real estate exam prep programs:

Progressive Wisdom Learning System

Only License Exam Tutor has our proprietary “©Progressive Wisdom” Management system, that automatically ramps up the difficulty-level of the Real Estate Practice Exams you take over time, making sure you are at your peak right before you sit for your actual licensing exam. If you take and pass all of the Real Estate Exam Tutor Practice Exams in hierarchical order according to our instructional-design, the State-Only, Definitions, and Math Exams, and finish with the two Final Exams just a few days before your test-date, you will pass the first time – guaranteed. More

3 Ways to Take Practice Exams

Only License Exam Tutor gives you these three powerful ways to take your Practice Exams:


1. Review Mode
When questions are answered, your answer is graded instantaneously, and then License Exam Tutor gives you an Illumination about the answer, to help you understand the seminal point and remember it for your actual exam. This mode is the heart of the process, and helps seal the right information into memory.

2. Speed Mode
Where questions are delivered to you ten at a time, and your results are displayed at the end. This mode is used to help improve examination taking speed, and hone memory skills.

3. Exam Mode
Where questions are delivered to you all at once, with the grading and final score displayed after the completion of the entire exam.


By utilizing these three different modes of practice, either progressively or randomly, you’ll enter exam day confident that there is nothing they can throw at you that you aren’t more than prepared for. More

Over 4,000 All New Practice Exam Questions

Remember, the key to passing your state exam the first time is not knowing the most information, but knowing the right information. Because testing providers and state regulatory boards and commissions change laws, regulations, questions and information constantly, last year’s practice exams won’t do you any good today. Only License Exam Tutor has all new, fresh from the actual exam questions that are current, this year. All of License Exam Tutor’s material is derived from your state’s actual real estate exams, and reflects everything that you will see when you take the state test. All of our content, including over 1,200 fresh practice exam questions and all new state-specific questions updated to reflect the most current law changes, our Illumination© explanations and answers and the rest combine to give you the most current reflection of what you need to know in your state today, to tune you up to pass the real estate license exam the first time.

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