You Can Use ©Progressive Wisdom to Build Confidence and Wisdom

Only License Exam Tutor has our proprietary “©Progressive Wisdom” Learning Management system, that automatically ramps up the difficulty-level of the Real Estate Practice Exams you take over time, making sure you are at your peak right before you sit for your actual licensing exam. If you take and pass all of the Real Estate Exam Tutor Practice Exams in hierarchical order according to our instructional-design, the State-Only, Definitions, and Math Exams, and finish with the two Final Exams just a few days before your test-date, you will pass the first time – guaranteed.

*In compliance with the state of Florida law, guarantees as to the passing of the real estate exam are neither offered nor applicable in the state of Florida.

**In compliance with the state of Tennessee law, guarantees as to the passing of the real estate exam are neither offered nor applicable in the state of Tennessee.

You Nail the Basics with Practice Exams 1-5

You start with five moderate to challenging exams with the exact mix of current national and state-specific questions, delivered to you in the same format and form that you’ll see when you sit for your state licensing exam.


You Supercharge Your Mastery with Practice Exams 6-12

The difficulty level ramps up with seven more unique practice exams, again with the perfect mix of current national and state-specific questions. These are all new questions and answers, with no repetition, designed to make you face the most difficult questions now, so that they will be the easiest when you see them again on exam day.


You Clarify Your Focus with State-Specific Practice Exams

Three additional themed exams are taken any time you wish, focused on the three key areas that so often trip up students during the actual exam. Each of these 3 practice exams is unique, and highly refined, to help insure that there will be no real estate word, phrase, calculation, state law, rule or regulation that will surprise you come exam day.


You Suit Up For Battle with Final Exams 1 and 2

Research shows that once you’ve completed the License Exam Tutor system of exam prep described above, if you set aside time for two major “rehearsals” three days before and one day before your actual exam, you’ll be in the best mental state possible. These two FINALS are just like the real thing, designed to be the final mental calibration for acing your exam on test day.

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