Georgia Real Estate License Requirements

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Georgia Real Estate Licensing Requirements

This licensing information is designed to provide a summary of the minimum education requirements established by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. We recommend you contact the Georgia Real Estate Commission for more detailed information or changes.

Georgia Real Estate Salesperson Pre-License Requirements

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Have a High School Diploma
  • Complete a 75 hour, state approved, pre-license course
  • Complete 10 quarter hours or 6 semester hours in real estate courses at an accredited college or university (usually only real estate department or law school courses will meet this qualification).
  • Pass a course final exam (grade of 75 required to pass)
  • Pass the state exam (grade of 75 required to pass); see Georgia real estate license exam prep
  • Georgia Crime information Report (GCIC Report):
  • a) Each applicant for an original real estate license (sales, associate broker or broker) or for an instructor license must provide a copy of the GCIC report, not more than 60 days old, when applying for a license.
  • b) Applicants may acquire a GCIC report from the local sheriff's office or the police department. In some counties, the report is available only from the probate court. Depending on the law enforcement agency, there may be a waiting period for the report. Some agencies may charge a fee of up to $25 for the report.

Georgia Real Estate Reciprocal Salesperson License Requirements

  • An individual licensed in another state who becomes a Georgia resident may obtain an equivalent Georgia license without further examination or education. The applicant must submit a certification of license history (no more than one year old) from the state which the applicant is currently licensed. The certification of license history must show that the applicant:
  • a) is currently in good standing; (The license cannot be lapsed or expired)
  • b) has passed an examination for the type of license sought in Georgia; see Georgia real estate license exam prep
  • c) has met all pre-license and continuing education requirements required for that license by that state

Georgia Real Estate Broker Pre-License Requirements

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Be an active agent for 3 years
  • Complete a 60 hour, state approved, pre-license course
  • Pass the state exam (grade of 75 required to pass); see Georgia real estate license exam prep

Georgia Real Estate Salesperson Post-License Requirements

  • Complete a 25 hour, state approved, post-license course within 1 year of receiving license
  • Pass a course final exam (grade of 75 required to pass)

Georgia Real Estate License Continuing Education Requirements

  • All active licensees licensed after January 1, 1980, must complete at least 24 hours of approved continuing education course work during each four year renewal period. Beginning July 1, 2015 students must complete 36 hours of course work.
  • Note: Salespersons who complete the 25 hour post-license course in their first year of licensure may count that course as meeting only 6 hours of the CE requirement for the first renewal period. In the succeeding 3 years of their first renewal period, such salespersons must complete an additional 18 hours of CE courses in order to renew their licenses. (Georgia Real Estate License Law and Rules and Regulations, Chapter 520-2-.07(7).)
  • Salespersons and Brokers renew their license every 4 years in the month of their birth
  • Regulatory Requirement: Beginning January 1st, 2012, you will be required to fill out a “secure and verifiable document” for identification purposes as defined in O.C.G.A. §50-36-2 and (2) a “signed and sworn affidavit verifying the applicant’s lawful presence in the United States” as required in O.C.G.A. §50-36-1. Before a license or classification can be renewed, this information must be submitted to the GREC either in person, via fax, via e-mail at, via courier, or via U.S. mail. The information must be legible.
  • If you typically renew online, please allow five business days from the submission of your information for the GREC to notate your license record so that you will be able to renew online. If you renew using a paper renewal application, please attach the information to the application. Click this link to access the form: GREC Lawful Presence Verification Form