4 Tips for Passing Your Real Estate License Exam on the First Try

We’ve spent much of our lives studying. Whether it was for a spelling bee in third grade, our driver’s license, or the SAT’s, it never seems to get easier. What does get easier is knowing what methods work for us, and the ones that don’t. Some people prefer to read or use flashcards while others prefer a hands-on approach.

Whatever methods work best for you, consider these test-taking tips to help you get a positive outcome on your real estate license exam – the first time around.

Know the Material Inside and Out

The most important part of taking any exam is making sure you’re not just familiar with the information you’re being tested on, but that you actually comprehend it. There’s a lot less stress and worry if you’re fully immersed in the content of what you are being tested on, and you have a strong working knowledge of the subject matter. By practicing, reviewing, and studying, the questions and answers will become easily recognized. It takes the guessing out of guessing.

If you’re getting ready for your real estate exam, consider a real estate license exam prep tool or partnering with a seasoned agent as a mentor. These small steps can pay back large dividends when it comes test time.

Review the Real Estate License Exam Questions

A technique for test taking that is often praised by experts is to review all of the questions prior to making any answers, and then prioritize the questions into categories from easy to hard. You can even jot down what you think the answer is initially and come back to review it later.

The questions that you prioritize as the easy questions will just require a quick review.  While questions you deem as more difficult may require more thinking, but you have probably already eliminated one or two answers that you know are incorrect. The questions you view as virtually impossible are the ones you should leave for the end.  Since you will likely guess on those anyway, it’s better to focus your attention on the questions you have a higher chance of getting correct.

Pace Yourself

When it comes to taking tests, our initial reaction to the stress is often to answer the questions as fast as we can – to fly through them in the hopes that we’ll finish faster and the stress will be over. Best practices, however, call for you to pace yourself. Slowly and methodically working your way through the real estate license exam material, answering the questions you know immediately and reserving the ones you’re unsure of until the end.

Don’t feel like this is a race against time. While most real estate license exams are timed, you’ll have plenty of time to complete the test if you pace yourself and keep focused on the goal ahead.

One way to practice this technique is to take a real estate license practice exam in advance, which will allow you to gauge how you’re doing on time.

Trust your Gut

How many times during your school years did you pick and answer, come back to it, and change it? It’s probably happened more than we would like to admit. Trust the exam material you’ve been studying and trust your first instinct. Unless you are certain the first answer is incorrect, resist the temptation to change it. On test day, it’s time to trust yourself and the time you’ve dedicated to learning the real estate exam license material.

Put these practices into place

As you prepare for your real estate license exam, try to remember the end goal: to pass! Keep a positive attitude and let us help you get through this together. Enroll in a real estate exam test prep plan today and get the tools you need to pass your real estate license exam on the first try.