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California real estate customers are saying...

License Tutor is great!

Overall, License Tutor is great. Thanks for a great job well done! The word "Illuminations" should be changed to a more commonly used word, simply say "Explanations" or something even easier. Just keep in mind, a lot of people using your application are non-English native speakers.
Yan Cheng / Dublin
Thank you for the great study tool!

I passed on my second time but the first time I took the test I was only able to study for 2 days and barely that. Thank you for having such a great study tool.
Venus Evans / Rialto
I couldn't have passed without this course!!

This online course was just what I needed, along with reading my principles book, to pass the test. The tests given by License Tutor were in line with what the state gives and I couldn't have passed without this course.
Tracy Chance / Corona

Was very helpful, I am glad I used The test had many questions that required you to know and apply the law with good judgement. would do well to provide more specific applications of the law. THANK YOU!!!
Tim Bone / Twain Harte
I had already taken the test once and failed...

I looked at many websites before deciding on I had already taken the test once and failed. So as you can see I needed some help. I was very pleased with the questions and then the answers explained directly after, also the definition portion of the practice test was so helpful. This is a Real Estate Exam test prep tool to help anyone pass the California Real Estate Test the first time or in some cases maybe the second ...
Tammy Guzman / Norwalk
I passed the first time!

License Exam Tutor gave me the confidence I needed to take my state exam. I passed the first time! It is important to have a good understanding of the real estate vocabulary and make sure to read all of the illuminations. It is important to understand why your answers are either correct or incorrect. Don't just memorize the questions and answers, but understand them and you will do great. There were only about four math questions on my exam, but they were basic. Good luck!
Suzette Zentner / Trabuco Canyon
I really liked the...three different options on how to approach each lesson.

The License Exam Tutor really helped to prepare me for the State Exam. I recommend it to those thinking about taking their real estate license test. I really liked that the test gave you three different options on how to approach each lesson. Well worth the money spent.
Suzanne Apgar / Elk Grove
This made all the difference

What a great website!! This made all the difference. There were many things on the actual test not covered, but the ones you had covered - I knew I got right. Thank you. I loved all the different practice exams and the repeating of difficult questions - maybe restate them so they are not exactly the same. Also, I noted updated in 2005 - is it time for a 2006 update?? But thank you, thank you, thank you. The math section I found most valuable. 2 questions were specifically needing to know that there are 43,560 square feet in an acre, and then how to use that information.
Susan Allen / Brentwood
This is the only course that could have helped me pass!

I tried several other methods, but this was the only one that worked. Thank you so much for helping me to pass my exam!!! I believe that this is the only course that could have helped me to pass. Thanks again for everything!
Steve Youmans / Richmond
I honestly don't think I would have passed without License Tutor!

Even with all of the studying I had done on my own, without, I honestly do not think I would have passed. The principles course just does not adequately prepare you to pass on your own. So much info, yet not enough specific info. So, again, without, I honestly think I would not have passed. Use it, it works.
Steve Meadows / San Jose

I have recommended your program to others with the same results....PASSED! Thank you.
Ruth Valera / Northridge
I am totally grateful.

The Tutor technique of question-answer-explanation was the perfect teaching tool for me -- much superior to the rapid fire fill-in-the-blanks class experience. The explanations gave me a meaningful foundation to succeed on the California Real Estate Exam. I am totally grateful.
Ross Fish / Mill Valley
Gave me confidence.

License Tutor have gave me confidence on taking the state exam. I passed on my first try. Thanks to License Tutor.
Richard Her / Fresno
I love your system!

I love your system. It is the most user friendly prep program I found anywhere.
Rainer Duve / Los Angeles
License Tutor does a great job!

The Tutor does a great job of letting one know what will be on the exam. My only regret is that I discovered it 3 days before taking the exam. Given two weeks, with the Tutor, I would have breezed through the exam.
Peter Straus / Chico
I am very happy with your program!!!

Patricia Arellano / Lynwood
Natasha Jackson / San Mateo

I am so glad I used Exam Tutor. I feel I would not have passed the first time without it. THANK YOU!!
Michele Shadle / Madera
I loved the easy access on the computer!

I really liked your system and I loved the easy access on the computer. I now have my husband studying for his test now. I will recommend this system to others.
Lynn Kenny / Redding
Very Helpful!

I would and have recommend your program. It's very helpful. Thank you!
Lucy Van Horn / Rocklin
...pass the exam the first time!

Thanks License Tutor for helping me pass the exam the first time!
Lucretia Whitmore-Govers / Oakland
Good site!
Laura Mitrobe / Littlerock, CA
It helped me drill on key elements.

I don't think I would have been able to pass just by having taken Real Estate Principles. The practice exams on license tutor were critical. I loved the way I could go through an exam with getting the answers right away and then doing them later again in exam mode. It helped me drill some key elements in to my head. All the other comments about the math on the exam are true (I was hoping they were!) so do not worry if that is an issue for you. The one thing that surprised me on the exam was one single question and it had to do with a certain kind of roof. It threw me off and I just took my best guess - but I was certain that it would not make a difference on whether I would pass because I was pretty sure on the other questions. Always go with your first instinct. And when you got the practice exams down from license tutor, you will feel confident that your first instinct is correct!!
Kimberly Kosteff / Huntington Beach
Excellent way to review!!

This is an excellent way to review and prepare for the state exam. It had it all.
Kenny Wood / Bakersfield
Great program!

Great program, great friendly people also when you call !!
Kelly Gallivan / Alta Loma
I just passed my state exam thanks to your course!

Just passed my state exam thanks to your course! I used the "review mode" throughout my studying. It really helped me understand the reasons behind the answers and terms. Your questions were structured a lot like the actual exam which really made the difference for me! Thanks again! I have shared and will continue to share your site with others! 5 Stars!
Katy Short / Bakersfield
Your program is superior

I had started practicing with another online prep service when two days before the exam I found out about your site. I bought your services and soon realized how superior your program was. I passed on the first go. I would not have passed if I had not bought License Tutor. Thank You
Karim Ali / Irvine
This was the best thing!

This was the best thing ever for me - it is really helping me and I have recommended it to lots of other people. Thank you
KarenTracy Ann Ismert / Burlingame
Thank you!
Karen Chew / McKinleyville

Many apologies. I called up shortly after the test to express my doubts about passing. However, all is well. I PASSED and I want to thank you for this help. Much appreciated.
Julie DiNapoli / Los Gatos
I felt so much more confident after taking the practice tests...

I felt so much more confident after taking the practice Real Estate Exam Test, especially in the Math area. I attribute passing the test to the extra help I got from Exam Tutor!
Jenny Rasak / Redondo Beach
I passed the exam with ease!!

I can only tell you that I am more than satisfied with the License Exam Tutor. It helped me understand and retain important information. I passed the exam with ease, by following your instructions!
Jeffrey Kayle / San Diego
Effective, Efficient and Fun!

Your course is very helpful and reassuring. The self-pacing and instant-scoring aspects make it not only effective and efficient, but also fun. I used this course to pass my broker exam on the first try, and I am recommending it to every agent I know.

Jeana Lynde / Oakley
The results are in!!!!! PASS!!!!! Thank You!!!!
Jani Condrey / Yuba City
I never would have passed without your tests.

Thank you so much for prepping me. I never would have passed the California Real Estate Exam Test without your tests.
James Heckler / North Hollywood
...License Tutor saved me! really helped me succeed in passing the exam! I was studying out of books that were three to four years old, and License Tutor saved me! I completely recommend taking their course! You will pass the first time!
Gina Fanara / Pasadena
I sat down with confidence

I passed!!! All because of License Exam Tutor. I sat down with confidence. Thank You!!

Florencia Ramos / San Ramon
It was a great tool...

It was a great tool in learning how to take the licensing exam.
Eric Blancaneaux / San Francisco
Thanks so much!

I should have taken your exam preparation courses the first time I took the test, and I am sure I would have passed it the first time. Thanks so much for providing such a good course.
Elizabeth Morrison / Folsom
It gave me the confidence I needed.

I recommend License Tutor to anyone preparing for the state exam. The practice test format was so similar to the state exam. It gave me the confidence I needed to pass the very tough exam.
David Pardo / Azusa
I got my results and I passed!

My exam date was unexpectedly moved up 3 weeks ahead of time that only gave me three days to study. I came to the licensetutor website and I was thinking, "Yeah, right! Prepare me in a matter of days? For only $59? When everyone else is charging at least $100-$199? I think not." I did all of the reviews and practice exams. When I sat for the test I answered the questions with time to spare. When I left I felt a little dejected because I thought, "That was too easy. There must have been some trick questions or something" However, three days later I got my results and I passed!
Crystal Hurst / San Diego
On my way...

Your product truly delivers on your promise...I passed the 1st time and already on my way to my first listing! Thanks again!
Chris Banta / Beaumont
I have referred it to sooo many people..

This was a great course. I have referred it to sooo many people trying to get their license.
Brittnay Tobin / San Jose
I have recommended this to my friends!

I liked this program so well, I have recommended it to two of my friends who'll be taking their real estate exams soon!!!
Betty Gunn / Santa Maria
Thank you very much for your help...

I passed. Thank you very much for your help and it was worth the 59.00 investment.
Bernedette Collins / Las Vegas (NV)
Even the math questions were easy with Tutor!

I took the exam before with a test prep course from Allied Real Estate School. When I went in to test there were questions on the exam I have never studied with Allied and I didn't pass the exam. With Exam Tutor I went in and the questions were exactly what I studied and I passed the exam. Even the math questions were easy on the state exam.
Amy Lawson / Victorville
This is exactly what I needed.

This is exactly what I needed. I signed up one week before, studied all the questions and felt confident that I was going to pass it! You can use my name as a completely satisfied customer. I will pass along your Real Estate Exam Prep Tools to a friend who has tried three times to take and have not been successful in passing it. Thanks
Alta Ridley / San Rafael
I passed the CA exam on the 1st try!

Thank You so much!!I passed the CA exam on the 1st try!! I would have never passed without the virtual tutor system. I was 100% prepared and finished the state exam in 1/2 the time. The questions were almost identical on your exam and the states. Keep up the good work. is a lifesaver!!!
Allison Giannini / Los Angeles