New Jersey Real Estate License Exam Prep Reviews

See what our customers in New Jersey are saying

New Jersey real estate customers are saying...

I recommend this program 100%, to anyone ready to take the state Exam. This tutor format was very helpful. I just think it needed more questions regarding the New Jersey Law. This was a great way to practice for the Exam. Thank you.
Virni Belliard / Mahwah
Very easy and understandable - THANKS!!

I have taken the Real Estate Salesperson Exam numerous times and never passed. Upon taking License Tutor Prep I was able to pass the New Jersey Real Estate Exam the very first time. I definitely recommend this to anyone who feels they are having a problem with the exam. Your site explained a lot in which I was having problems with. Very easy and understandable. Thank you for having this web site. And the price was very reasonable also. Again I say thank you. "THANKS"
Thomas McCrea / Bloomfield
Thanks again!

Successfully passed the New Jersey Real Estate Test….in March! The on line program was fun and helped to train me for the real thing. Thanks again.
Terry Silbert / Hewitt
Everything was great! Thank you. I recommended your Real Estate Exam Prep to many friends.
Tatiana Korneitchouk / Fair Lawn
Passed in 50 Minutes!

New Jersey gives 4 hours for its exam but with the help of License Tutor I completed the test on the first try in 50 minutes with a passing grade. Thanks again!!!!
Ronald Russell / Riverside
Tutor increased my retention immensely

I absolutely feel this is the best investment a student could make in preparation to take the state exam. It put everything into perspective. The immediate feedback on answers increased my retention of the material immensely. It most definitely allowed me to pass the exam the first time around. I must admit that I was skeptical at first to the claim of passing the first time around, but that is exactly what happened.
Robert Mauger / Brigantine
I used it daily.

I found this to be extremely helpful. I used it daily. I would recommend it to anyone.
Renee' Viterali / Jackson
I recommended the program to my entire class!

I thought the process significantly helped with my studies. The whole process was great and I recommended to my entire class. Thanks!
Patricia Ellis / Lebanon
A very good investment!

License Exam Tutor really was a very good investment. I took my New Jersey Real Estate Exam one month after I finished with my pre-licensing course; License Tutor kept me sharp to the last minute. When I walked in to the Promisor testing office I was confident enough to take the test and I completed it in one hour and forty five minutes wow. Thank you very much License Exam Tutor.
Pablo Lopez / Clifton
Very helpful.

Excellent Program!!! I was lacking in confidence, but this program really whipped me into Real Estate shape!!! Very helpful!! This program mirrors the State Exam!!! Thanks!!!
Nebojsa Adamov / Clifton
It helped me to understand the wording...

I would recommend that any student use your tutor program. It helped me to understand the wording of the State and General exams better with their tricky wording of problems. Also made me feel more confident in taking the exam.
Nancy Garofalo / Medford
...I believe it truly helped me accomplish my goal.

The best way to study is repetition. The license tutor test questions really helped me pass the exam. I took the test two time and failed, I was about to give up. Then I found License Tutor and I passed the test. I believe it truly helped me accomplish my goal.
Michelle Kiernan / Manahawkin
It was easy to use. I liked the resume and retake features. I felt confident going in to the exam.
Michele Ginieczki / Linwood
I passed thanks to your great program!

I just wanted to say thank you for having such a great program.  I took the test back in May and I passed thanks to your great program. 
Michael Lobue / Elmwood Park
It was a great way to study and I have recommended the course to others.
Mel Weisblatt / Pomona (NY)
I passed, I passed, I passed!

Hoooooraaayyy!!!! I passed, I passed, I passed! I cannot thank License Tutor enough. I walked out of my 75 hour course and felt totally lost. I found I kept coming back to License Tutor, it was here that I felt I was finally understanding! I will be sure to tell everyone I know how wonderful License Tutor is!!! Thank you again for every thing!! It was the best $59.00 I have ever spent.
Lorene Dixon / Barnegat
A great investment!

Every real estate school should promote this tutorial. It was a great help to me!! I highly recommend it to anyone taking the NJ Real Estate Exam! My colleagues and I passed the exam the first time thanks to License Tutor. Truly a great investment.
Kim Zilinski / Colts Neck
...I wouldn't have passed on the first time.

Thank you! License Exam Tutor was the perfect study tool. If not for the valuable questions and answers, I wouldn't have passed on the first time.
Kerry Tucker / Moorestown
I am soooo happy I passed!!

I didn't pass the exam the 1st time I passed it the second time, so I am not sure if I can receive my money back. There was allot of questions that I didn't see on the Tutor but over all this Tutor really helped me pass and that is the bottom line!!! Thanks again and I am soooo Happy I passed.
Kathleen Zampetti / Montague
Great for anyone that wants to succeed.
Joseph Zacco / Norwood
Bravo! Bravo !!! Would recommend to anyone Great HELP!!!
Joseph Licknack / Toms River
Thanks again!

Some people learn quickly, in my case repetition was the trick. Thanks again I was so happy to pass on the first try.
Joseph G Zacco / Norwood
...Last one seated first one done and passed

First time passing the state exam!!!!!! Last one seated first one done and passed.
John Parr / Wayne
Thanks for helping to pass the first time!

I enjoyed using the program and it did help me to feel confident going into the test. The general section followed right along with your format. Thanks for helping me to pass the first time!
Joanne Inglese / Newton

The course was excellent!
Joan Silver / Edgewater
The best $59 investment!

The best $59.00 investment I've made!
Joan Cadamuro / Red Bank
I had recommended this program to several other students in my class and they too were very satisfied with the Real Estate Exam Prep. I feel that it helped me understand the questions on the actual state exam much better.
Jean Platero / Barnegat

As more people are trying to get into the real estates, Real Estate Exams are getting very tough. But I did it the first time. Thanks everybody.
Jahan Zaib / Edison
I have recommended this site to a dozen people. It really helped me prepare for the Real Estate Exam.
Jacqueline Giuffrida / Farmingdale
"Helped me pass on the first try "
Ira Wright / Clementon
Thanks so much for helping me jumpstart my career! was the best $59 I spent. I don't think I would have done so well on the Real Estate Test had it not been for this website. Thanks so much for helping me jumpstart my career!
Gregory de Charleroy / Browns Mills
I highly recommend!

I highly recommend the license exam tutor to anyone preparing to take the state exam. It really helped me and I passed on the very first try, and so can you. Good Luck!!! It's the best $50 ever invested.
Giovanna Dragone / Cliffside Park
Thank you for the outstanding program!

I have passed my Real Estate Exam and am currently a realtor. Thank you for the outstanding program that helped my pass on the first try! I have and will recommend you to others.
George Lowery / Sicklerville
I'm now proud to say I am a Real Estate Agent.

I first would like to thank the people who created this License Exam program. It helped me more than I ever thought. It inspired me not to give up, to keep going even through the difficult questions. It was a very good investment. I'm now proud to say, I am a Real Estate Agent. Good Luck to those of you who are just getting started with the tutor course you won't be let down I promise!!
Francesca Saragusa / Garfield
I am very grateful however because I did pass and I learned so much more than I did in my class.
Elizabeth Lambert / Madison
It was very helpful...

I truly loved the review mode option. It was very helpful to know why an answer was both wrong and correct. It gave me info. that my instructor never gave and that I would consider to be beneficial in both selling and purchasing real estate. I really appreciated the help.
Ebony Finney / Newark
Your program was very helpful!

Your program was very helpful to me I have been recommending it to everyone I know who is having trouble passing the Real Estate Exam Test.
Donna Paterson / Bloomfield
The prep for the general exam was excellent.
Donald Manini / Cos Cob
Passed with flying colors!

I passed the NJ Real Estate Salesperson Licensing STATE Exam with flying colors. I couldn't have done it without your course. Thank you!
Diane VanDyke / Somers Point
This program helped me tremendously!
Denise Cook / Birmingham
License Tutor was a great help!

Every real estate school should be advised of this program. It was a great help to me with the state Real Estate Exam.
Deborah Piekarz / Hackettstown
I highly recommend this program. It really helped me a lot in preparing for the State exam.
Daisy Huertas / Paterson
I passed - thank you!

I passed the first time on both the school exam and also the state. Thank You :-)
Craig Wurtenberg / Kearney
I passed my first time taking test I got the exam tutor one week before my 75 hour course I studied the vocabulary and did some practice test I used it again during class to watch my improvement I worked on your final tests and state and math specified 2 days before my state test and it worked. THANK YOU in less then a month I am a Real estate agent
Christine Ramberger / Branchville
The program helped me pass the test after failing the first time without the program. Thanks!
Charles Sunstein Jr / Phoenixville (PA)
This was not my first time taking the State Exam, however, this program was all I needed to give me those extra points that I needed to score and meet the passing score requirement.
Casimir Caseneuve / North Lauderdale
I was at first skeptical, but License Tutor helped!

I was somewhat skeptical in the beginning about this Real Estate Exam testing site, but with a lot of reading and taking all the tests online gave me a better feel for the test taking process. The explanations after the questions were answered was definitely a big help.
Carmelo Torres / Totowa
Very Helpful!

The questions on License exam and the comments were very helpful.
Almira Hewitt-Harris / Pleasantville
Definitely worth the money!!!

Thought this was a great help in passing the NJ Exam, definitely worth the money!!!
Allison Witkowski / Wyckoff
Worth every penny!!!

License Tutor was a HUGE asset to me. My brother in law is taking the PA test next week and I have highly recommended your program. I especially appreciated the illuminations and immediate feedback I received after answering each question. No doubt the monetary investment was worth every penny!!! I am a NJ realtor now!!!
Alison Lacey / Reading
Thank you - I highly recommend License Tutor!

The way the questions were presented gave me the ability to identify the topic being asked. Thank you and I highly recommend the Real Estate Exam test prep tools.
Alejo Tolentino / New Milford
I could NOT have passed without License Tutor

I could NOT have passed without this course. It made the difference for me. I found the practical part of the Real Estate Exam to be no problem after doing the quiz and practice finals.
Alan Shelley / Doylestown (PA)