South Carolina Real Estate License Exam Prep Reviews

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South Carolina real estate customers are saying...

I'm happy with the results...

I'm happy with the results and I would recommend this program to everybody who wants to save time and money and, of course, acquire confidence.
Vera Ivanova / Myrtle Beach
Best way to study

This was the best way I could have studied. The Real Estate Exam test prep tools really helped me with test taking technique.
Teresia Thompson / Escondido (CA)
I liked the set up/format of the site...

The program was definitely helpful, especially on the national portion of the exam. I liked the set up/format of the site.
Steve Noblett / Memphis
Great program!!!!
Starr Romano / Little River
I don't think I would have passed without it!

I really liked this License Tutor program. I don't think I would have passed the Real Estate Exam without it. It gave me a real good study guide by going over the questions I missed on the practice exams.
Sharon Swain / Kernersville
I passed - thanks

I passed the South Carolina Real Estate Exam! You provide a lot of information to take in considering I only had two days to cram. But it was all worth it. Thanks.
Roscoe Patterson / Columbia
I felt really prepared...

Taking the practice test was the best way to prepare for the test. I felt really prepared for the test.
Pam Mitchell / Summerville
The illuminations really helped prepare me for the state exam in just 14 days prior to the exam. It had been almost 1 yr. since class & I bought License Tutor on 7/21 & had to test & pass both parts by 8/25. Tested on 8/7 & passed 1st time thanks to License Tutor!!
Melanie Foster / Anderson
Tutor definitely helped me pass!

License Tutor Exam covered areas that we didn't even discuss in our class. This program definitely helped me pass the Real Estate Exam!
Lucrisa Smith / Charleston
I have never had such confidence going in to a test...

I am one of those people who has test anxiety, but I was pretty confident in sitting for the Real Estate Exam due to the great preparation I received through this software program. I have never had such confidence going in to a test as I did for that exam, and yes, I passed the first time!!
Lisa Murphy / Charleston
License Tutor was a great investment

I didn't have to take the pre-licensing school because I hold an inactive Brokers License in another state. So finding License Tutor to prepare, was a great investment. I've never been a very good test taker, and spending the time on each test or tests each day definitely prepared me. Thank you License Tutor.
Laurie Mickey / Laurie Mickey
On my way!

I passed the South Carolina Real Estate Test first time and I am on my way!!!
Larry White / Walhalla
Good questions

I'm glad I spent the $59.00.....good questions....good format....certainly had a positive impact in my ability to pass the state Real Estate Test
Kevin Prentice / Beaufort
I passed on the first try - thank you!

The 60 hour course I took was at a rapid speed. That was really tough for me. Tutor gave me the chance to answer and understand at my own pace. I passed the S.C. Real Estate Exam on the first try. Thank you!
Katie Jimick / Monroe
...I just didn't want to spend the extra money. I am so glad I did.

I am so glad I signed up for the License Tutor. I wasn't going to because I just didn't want to spend the extra money. I am so glad I did. I don't think I would have passed the test if I hadn't joined. Thank you so much!!
Jessica Coombs / Simpsonville
License Tutor...was the absolute best!

Having been out of college for 20 years and out of the work force for the past 6 years, I was terrified of the idea of having to take such an intensive test. I could hardly think of where to begin in my studies, but friends informed me of license tutor and it was the absolute best! I was not pressured to think up my study methods because they were right there for me!
Jennifer Harsta / Bluffton
It was worth every penny!

I am grateful that my RE instructor told me about It was worth every penny!
Jeannine Smoak / Laurens
Excellent tool...

Wonderful program that truly helped me prepare for the state exam. Excellent tool for agents looking to refresh their knowledge base.
James Richardson, Jr / Greer
I would recommend License Tutor

Thanks License Tutor for your program! The Real Estate Exam test prep tools really helped me pass the first time! I would recommend this program to anyone looking to get into real estate.
James Richardson Jr. / Greer
Otherwise, very good way to prepare.
James McCraw / Atlanta (GA)
I would not have passed without it

I passed!!! I went to school almost 5 years ago and started studying on my own and came across the Licensetutor on the web. I would not have passed without it. Thank you!!!
Demetra Caldera / Columbia
Helped me study and pass the South Carolina portion

I feel that this course really helped me study and pass the South Carolina portion of the exam. It also helped me with the main portion but I could not find a way to study the South Carolina portion until I found the course.
Dee Dowlen / Hilton Head Island
...License Exam Tutor helped.

I did it at first try and LET helped.
Dagmar Yoder / Greenville
Thanks License Tutor!

I learned a lot while taking the tests by using the review mode and reading the Illuminations. I believe highly that License Tutor helped me pass my test the first time. Thanks License Tutor!
Carrie Drennon / Starr

I had the course for a couple of days before taking the exam and it worked. I took each section once. The questions I missed I studied up on and had no problem passing both the state and general portions of the exams. Thanks.
Billy Litton / Myrtle Beach
..I passed the Real Estate Exam the first time..

I was not ever a test taker, and very afraid of the whole process. Even after taking the exit exam for the school, I had to take it three times. Yesterday I passed the Real Estate Exam the first time. I knew the answers, I completed the test in record time, I am so happy I did the tutor.
Beverly Gallavan / Elgin
I passed with flying colors!

I just had to write to say thanks a lot!!! I took my Real Estate Test yesterday morning and passed with flying colors. I couldn't have done this without this program. I didn't learn everything in school that I have online. There seemed to be so much that your program taught me that I couldn't have known other wise. I will tell everyone that takes real estate to go to this program. thanks so much!!!!
Angela Knight / Honea Path