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*In compliance with state laws, the “Pass or Don’t Pay 100% Money Back Guarantee” is not offered nor applicable in Florida and Tennessee.

3 Features That Will Help You Pass Your Hawaii Real Estate Exam - Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

Three Ways to Take Practice Exams

Take questions one at a time with your “Tutor” along side, explaining the correct answers, or select other exam modes to simulate the pace and pressure of the actual licensing exam. More

An Advanced Learning Management System

Your Tutor will automatically ramp up the difficulty-level of the Practice Exams you take over time. More

Updated Real Estate Exam Questions

New state-specific questions and our Illumination© explanations and answers combine to give you the most current reflection of what you need to know in your state today.

Hawaii License Exam Tutor News

Updated for 2015: Updated Real Estate Exam Questions

All of our content, including all new state-specific questions, (just updated for 2015), our IlluminationTM explanations and answers and the rest combine to give you the most current reflection of what you need to know in your state today, to tune you up to pass the real estate license exam the first time.
New! Includes a State-Only Practice Exams!

Included with your Real Estate License Exam Tutor System is an exclusive state-only practice exam. This exam was expressly designed to sharpen your skills when facing those tricky law, rules and regulations questions unique to your state. While all Real Estate License Tutor practice exams contain a high percentage of state-specific questions, the State-Only exam allows you to focus exclusively on this all-important area, with no National questions included.
It's almost as if you had your own personal private Hawaii real estate exam tutor!

And in a real sense, apart from the fact that you won't have a live instructor physically standing next to you, Hawaii Real Estate Exam Tutor will be there for you 24 hours a day on your computer - the ideal coach with the latest tricks, prepping you for one thing and one thing only - making sure that you pass the Hawaii Real Estate Exam the first time. This program is for those seeking their initial real estate license and includes state and national questions. This is not for those who are seeking reciprocal or mutual recognition licenses.

If you have not yet taken a state-approved real estate pre-license course you can find information about excellent online courses on our “Find State-Approved Real Estate Courses” page.

Know Everything They'll Thow At You, BEFORE Exam Day

Let’s face it. The secret to passing the Hawaii real estate exam is not knowing the most information, but knowing the right information. Research shows that on a national basis, over 40% of the people who fail their real estate exam know a lot about real estate, but don’t have enough practice, experience or speed to pass it the first time. So the secrets to success in passing the Hawaii real estate exam the first time are simple:


1. Knowing what you will be tested on, as well as what you won’t be tested on, and


2. Knowing when you enter the real estate exam that there is nothing you haven’t seen or practiced before!


Hawaii Real Estate Exam Tutor is the only online resource that has the latest, most up to date real estate exam questions, answer choices, and insights & wisdom that has come from thousands of student’s real estate exam experiences and years of test revisions and refinements – all done to make sure that what you experience here will forecast exactly what you can expect there, on the day of your real estate exam. And only Hawaii Real Estate Exam Tutor delivers the right exam practice, at the right pace and time, so that you’ll walk into the real estate exam at your maximum level of performance that day. See Your Formula For Success

Eliminate the Fear and Intimidation Factor.

When you sign up for Hawaii Real Estate Exam Tutor, you’ll have access to the latest examination questions, all the potential answers and the correct answers, framed in the same semi-tricky, semi-ambiguous structures that Hawaii real estate exams are known for. But more importantly, you’ll have your own personal online-tutor, giving you instant feedback and cut-to-the-chase explanations every time you miss a question, illuminating why the Hawaii exam providers will expect certain answers, and how you can remember it for test day.

But don’t worry. Using Hawaii Real Estate Exam Tutor isn’t difficult. You’ll be tapping into the most user-friendly online learning system in the industry today ‘ the same system that reporters have called:


“One of the training industry’s most talked about success stories.”
TrainSeek Training Portal




” Simplified training…accessible 24-hours a day. Positioned to meet the training demands of the future.”
Journal of Business


Only Hawaii Real Estate License Exam Tutor Gives You All This:

  • 12 real estate practice exams that mirror what you’ll see on test day… with your Hawaii-specific and national real estate content;
  • 2 ‘Final Exams’, to help hone your skills in sitting for the real estate exam;
  • 1 Hawaii-Specific exam, updated to reflect the most current law changes, to sharpen your focus in this all-important area;
  • Over 1000 IlluminationsTM, your own private “Tutor” explaining why answers are correct or incorrect for easier recall;
  • Exclusive 100 Question Real Estate Math exam – with explanations on how to work every problem;
  • Powerful 100 Question Definitions exam – covering the most important exam terms;
  • Easy to search Real Estate Dictionary with over 750 terms, Real Estate and Finance phrases and definitions;
  • Live personal online help and technical support;
  • Easy payment with your Credit Card or pay with a personal Check online!

* LicenseTutor’s award-winning exam prep program and the “Progressive Wisdom” system specifically was invented by Instructional Designer G. L. Thompson to ramp up the difficulty level of the practice exams over a minimum of 60 days. Accordingly, although we do not dissuade students from opting for the “cram” package of only 30 days, pedagologically we cannot guarantee the results as with other, longer packages, and therefore for this cram plan the money back guarantee does not apply.

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